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Eukanuba World Challenge is back!

Issue: 05/10/2018


Exhibitors and visitors to Crufts will be delighted to hear that following a one year break, the Eukanuba World Challenge, will return to Crufts in 2019 where it will also mark Eukanuba's 50th Anniversary celebration and the event will be bigger than ever.
OUR DOGS has received the following press release from Eukanuba which explains how the event will work this year. No semi finals this time around which means many countries will have the opportunity to send dogs to compete at Crufts.
The release says "The prestigious global dog competition, which will be entering its 11th year, will see up to 60 of the world's top champion dogs competing for the title of Eukanuba World Challenge Champion and a 7,500 Euro prize.
The event will take place at one of the world's greatest dog shows - Crufts - at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre on Thursday 7th-10th March 2019.
Pre-judging and main ring judging of the Eukanuba World Challenge final is scheduled for Thursday, 7th March 2019.
The event is supported by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the UK's Kennel Club and more than 60 different countries representing Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North, Central and South Americas and the Caribbean region will be offered a slot in the EWC finals.
Competitors qualify either by being their national kennel club's representative or by winning Best in Show at a major dog show such as Crufts, the FCI World Dog Show or the different FCI Section Shows.
In addition and for the first time ever, 24 countries (who previously qualified via semi-final rounds) will also be invited to take part in the EWC 2019 final.
These countries are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Turkey and the Ukraine.
The FCI is the largest canine organisation in the world and includes 94 members and recognises 344 breeds. The FCI has been a partner of Eukanuba for 10 years and has been an invaluable supporter of the Eukanuba World Challenge since the competition began in 2006.
"We are all very happy to be able to maintain the tradition of the prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge and we all look forward to meeting the most beautiful dogs from our planet" said Rafael de Santiago, FCI President.

Wonderful spectacle

Kennel Club Chairman Simon Luxmoore said: "Crufts and the Kennel Club are pleased to be hosting the Eukanuba World Challenge in 2019. This will be our second time welcoming this event, having previously done so in 2017 when the Challenge made a wonderful spectacle at Crufts, a show which becomes more international with each passing year. He added : "Hosting the event again in 2019 will be a fantastic opportunity to have the entire dog world in one place celebrating the most successful and well known dog show in the world - Crufts - and at the same time showcasing the distinctive and cosmopolitan Eukanuba World Challenge. This will throw the spotlight on the global pedigree dog scene in all its glory and enhance the partnership the Kennel Club has with Eukanuba supported by the FCI".
Influencer Team Leader Europe's Mike Bloxsome from Spectrum Brands said: "It is our aspiration to promote and celebrate magnificent dogs. We are bringing together breeders from around the world, along with their top winning dogs, to celebrate this common passion. We are happy to give breeders/ owners/ handlers the opportunity to showcase their breeding stock by extending an invitation to compete in this unique international competition. This Challenge provides breeders, dog owners and fanciers from around the world an opportunity to appreciate the excellent quality of many of the world's Top Winning dogs."
The winner of the 11th Edition of the Eukanuba World Challenge will receive a monetary prize of 7,500 Euros. Runner Up and First Runner Up will be awarded 2,500 Euros and 1,500 Euros respectively. The Kennel Club of the winning country, which participated in the dog selection process, will be eligible for a special prize of 3,500 Euros.
In 2017, the Eukanuba World Challenge celebrated its 10th anniversary at Crufts where the winner was the Maltese, from Italy, Cinecitta Ian Somerhalder, awarded by Laurent Pichard from Switzerland.

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