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Finnís Law goes to third reading

Issue: 05/04/2019

As we went to press Finn's Law, the legislation to make attacks on service dogs a specific crime, was having its third reading in the House of Lords.
This is the last stage before it then goes off to royal assent and becomes law. Officially the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill it will amend the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and allow a court to disregard a defendant's claim that they were protecting themselves and so were justified in using physical force against a service animal. 
The team behind the campaign to make it law tweeted, '#Finnslaw is nearly here, we have the 3rd reading in @UKHouseofLords tomorrow at 1500 hours before it goes off for Royal assent. Who's going to be watching.
'The worst night of my life is has turned into so much positive, thank you #teamfinn #FabulousFinn.'
The campaign for Finn's Law was started by 
PC Wardell after he was, along with Police Dog Finn, stabbed by a 12 inch serrated hunting 
knife in the line of duty. The culprit served a 
jail term for the attack on PC Wardell but no penalty was given for the damage he had 
done Finn.

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