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French Bulldogs dead at airport

Issue: 26/06/2020

An inquiry has been launched after 38 French Bulldog puppies arrived dead at an airport in Canada.
At least 500 French Bulldogs were on a Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) flight which landed at Toronto Pearson Airport on the 13 June.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported that many of the dogs were sick and that 38 had died.
A CFIA spokesman said, ‘Upon arrival, many of the dogs were suffering from dehydration, weakness and/or vomiting.
‘CFIA officials are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident and will determine next steps once the investigation is complete.
‘The humane transport of animals is a requirement under the Health of Animals Regulations: Part XII, which state that carriers cannot load, transport or unload animals in a way that would cause injury or undue suffering.’

Horror show

A dog handler, Abby Lorenzen, who was picking up a different animal from the area where the puppies were discovered told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) the scene was ‘a horror show’ and that it, ‘was a nightmare.’
Ukraine International Airlines posted on Facebook, ‘Everyone at UIA offers its condolences for the tragic loss of animal life on our flight. UIA is working with local authorities to determine what happened and to make any changes necessary to prevent such a situation from occurring again.’ According to reports in Ukraine the temperature was 33C at the time the animals were loaded to fly from Ukraine to Canada.
The popularity of French Bulldogs the world over thanks to their links with celebrity make them a highly prized breed for puppy farmers to sell and it is thought the dogs on the plane had been sold for up to $4,000. Most buyers believe that the dogs have been bred in Canada but in reality they have no idea where the dogs have come from.
We reported recently people who had bought Pomeranians in this country who were told they had been bred here only to find out they had been bred in Russia. The distress caused to owners who have bought dogs that have been brought into the country from abroad who have subsequently become sick should act as a warning for people to be extremely careful when it comes to buying a puppy.
On Radio 4’s You and Yours programme last week vet and Lucy’s Law creator Marc Abraham highlighted the problems of dogs being couriered across the world as ‘imported goods.’

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