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Fundraising for victim of vet negligence over Labrador

Issue: 11/05/2018

A man who faces challenges with reading, writing and social skills, needs help to fight a veterinary surgery that badly burnt his dog but would only offer him derisory damages.
Dennis Knight became the owner of a black Labrador called Maxwell when his only brother was dying of cancer.

The dog had a problem with his elbows and was taken to the Alphabet Veterinary Clinic, Bognor Regis.

He underwent an arthroscopy on his elbows. During and after the procedure Maxwell was wrapped in an electric heating blanket to maintain his body temperature. 

Due to the negligence of staff at the practice the blanket was turned up too high and the dog received burns to its back and sides, which subsequently required further treatment.

Investigations proved that the blanket was not faulty and this was clearly a case of veterinary negligence.


The vets, advised by the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS), through their insurers offered the sum of £190.20. They deny liability for all the claimant's suffering, inconvenience, distress and anxiety.

Mr Knight is incapable of acting for himself and Barry Peachey is determined to take on the case. He told OUR DOGS, 'I am not going to abandon this man at the door of the court. He is incapable of representing himself. This is the most egregious example of veterinary negligence I have come across.'

He believes that Mr Knight has a strong case, as the veterinary practice are in breach of contract. For instance, 'Where the very object of a contract is to provide pleasure, relaxation, peace of mind or freedom from molestation, damages will be awarded if the fruit of the contract is not provided or if the contrary result is procured instead.'

Justice for Dogs were approached by Mr Peachey to see if they could provide the money for the case but they told him they could not help. The costs of the case will approach at least £2,500.

The effects on Mr Knight have been very bad. He has been extremely upset by it and it has caused him emotional distress and anxiety. Mr Knight can not believe that they could do this to him and his poor dog.

Alphabet vets have not denied the facts of the claim, but they deny that they have caused Mr Knight any suffering.

The trial has been listed for the 24th May in Chichester County Court.
A just giving page has been set up to help Mr Knight -

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