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German Spitz road accident tragedy

Issue: 02/03/2018


A top dog breeder has been left devastated after a dog she left with a dog boarding company was killed in a road accident whilst in their care.
Jennifer Smith, who has bred the Top Dog in German Spitz (Mittel) over the last two years, went away on a four day break and left her dogs with the Barking Mad centre in Glossop.
On her return she was told by representatives of Barking Mad that her 18-month-old dog, Sobriety Moves Like Jagger, known as Reacher, had been killed in a road accident. He was the son of this year's German Spitz (Mittel) top dog Ch Spellcast Jivetalking.
When she booked the dog in with the company she told them that her dogs were not to be walked, there should be no children involved in their care and no smoking.
The details of the incident remain unclear and Ms Smith has asked Barking Mad for a Police report on the incident. Ms Smith is concerned that a child may have been left in charge of her dog.


She told OUR DOGS, 'They have not responded or apologised. This has been devastating for me. I am a show person and if anything happens to your dog it affects you. We love our dogs.
'They didn't know at first which dog had died. I had to go and see and check it was my dog.'
Barking Mad is a franchised company that offers its customers 'peace of mind' and 'the very best of care for your dog.' Dogs don't stay in kennels but are looked after by vetted dog sitters.
'When you book your dog in you are not allowed to know where they go,' Ms Smith said. 'I had to sit for a three hour interview so that they could match my dogs up with a sitter.'
She has alleged that the manager of the Glossop branch has refused to take her calls and has blocked her on social media.
'Reacher was cremated yesterday. I want to know what has happened. If they say he ran out of the front door that would not be true because he isn't that sort of dog. I don't want to let them get away with this.
'They are not telling me what has happened. Why won't they tell me? I have not got a single answer.
'It is clear to me that they have been negligent. There has been no compassion from them and no thoughtfulness.
'My other dogs are clearly distressed and not themselves. Two of the dogs stank of smoke.'
'Any money that I get from Barking Mad will go straight to German Spitz rescue.'


A spokesman for Barking Mad said, 'As dog lovers ourselves we are devastated by the news of the recent incident and offer our sincere condolences to all those effected.
'On Friday 23rd February 2018 one of our host's from our Glossop branch experienced an incident involving a road traffic accident which resulted in the fatality of a dog in our care.
'At time of writing, our Managing Director, Lee Dancy, has launched a full investigation into the precise circumstances of the incident and will visit those involved in person as soon as possible.'

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