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Imported breeds claim titles

Issue: 10/05/2019

Two dogs have made history for their Imported Register breeds by claiming titles for the first time thanks to a recent change in show regulations which now allows such breeds to compete in group and BIS competitions.

Xipilli Element Of Desire for Bondor ShCM

The Swedish-bred Standard Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Xipilli Element Of Desire for Bondor ShCM, owned by Stuart Smith and Edward Wisniewski of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire has the distinction of being the only Imported Register winner of the recently discontinued Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM) title.
"It has not been easy as all of Oscar's points had to be from group placings", said Stuart. "We are absolutely gobsmacked at how far this boy has come".

Melisent du Sentier des Caillottes ShCEx

Oscar was the first of his breed to win a group at an open show, an award he has won twice. The French-bred Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, Melisent du Sentier des Caillottes ShCEx, is owned by Paul Wyler of Northallerton, North Yorkshire. "We are, understandably, delighted and very proud. As an Imported Register breed, this is the only UK title Melisent has been eligible for", said Paul. "We are passionate about promoting our breed, and the Imported Register breeds in general, so this is a real opportunity to fly the Imported Breed Register flag."
Melisent gained her first open show group placing when she won fourth (coincidentally under Oscar's owner Stuart) at Darlington Canine Society in February 2018 and her final points were won at Cleveland Dog Society under Mark Walshaw in February of this year where she was again group 4, handled by Paul's wife Abbe. During this period, Melisent won ten group placings including three firsts. She also has her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award.

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