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KC SGM and no confidence votes now on

Issue: 05/10/2018

Last week we said that at the time of going to press there was doubt about how the SGM being requested by KC Members would be organised. 
This week we are advised that the format of the meeting has now been settled and that the no confidence resolutions will be taken at the beginning of the regular SGM on 6th November.
The resolutions, backed by hundreds of KC Members, will propose three separate votes of no confidence in senior KC Board Directors; Mr Simon Luxmoore (KC Chairman); Mr Mark Cocozza (Chairman of the KC Disciplinary Committee and the KC Finance Committee); and Mr Jeff Horswell (Chairman of the Kennel Club JCF Working Party).
The requisitioning members had said that, so as to save money, they were happy for their requested meeting to be held on the same day and at the same venue as the normal General Meeting but they were however pressing for there to be two separate and distinct meetings, with their SGM coming first. The reason for this was that they did not believe that it would be appropriate for the Kennel Club Chairman Simon Luxmoore, who is the subject of one of the no confidence motions, to Chair any part of a Special General Meeting at which this was to be proposed; nor did they want Mr Luxmoore, as Chairman of the regular meeting, to have access to the proxy votes of undecided members who might appoint the meeting chairman to cast votes on their behalf.
We understand that KC Vice Chairman Steve Croxford has now advised the SGM requisitioners that Mr Luxmoore will not chair any part of the 6th November meeting. 
Mr Croxford has confirmed that the KC Board understands the concerns of the requisitioners and that he as Vice-Chairman of the Club will Chair the SGM, assisted by an independent advisor. He has also confirmed that Members will be entitled to appoint either their own named proxy or the Chair of the Meeting (i.e. the Vice-Chairman of the Club) as their proxy and that this information will be communicated to Members in the Notice to the SGM.
The KC has confirmed this to be the case and has added that Kennel Club Members will be advised fully on the process and the proxy voting when the SGM papers are sent out.

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