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KC changes health reporting by judges

Issue: 03/09/2021

The KC has announced that with the introduction of its Customer Relationship Management system, it has now moved to an entirely online breed health reporting system.
All championship show judges of Breedwatch Category 2 and 3 breeds are required to complete a judges’ breed health monitoring form. The mandatory health monitoring form can now be found on the website on the Breed Watch page, in the frequently asked questions section for judges.
The KC says that for ease of reference, the online breed health monitoring form is tailored to each category 2 or 3 breed and includes each breed’s specific points of concern. Judges are encouraged to take these points into account when deciding awards and to penalise accordingly. The KC also recommends that judges familiarise themselves with the form in advance of the appointment.
Th KC in its announcement to judges concludes by saying: “Once complete, the online form will automatically be sent to us in the health department. The information provided by you when completing this form will be reviewed by the Dog Health Group and plays an integral part in influencing the future development of a breed as well as contributing to the process of health monitoring.”
OUR DOGS CCOMMENTS: The tailored KC digital form asks questions designed specifically for the breed concerned and should make it easier for judges who are computer literate, to complete and submit their comments. It is not clear how the remaining judges who still do not use a computer and submit reports in hard copy are expected to comply with the reporting requirement.

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