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KC general meetings planned for June

Issue: 31/05/2024

The Kennel Club Annual and Special General Meetings on Tuesday June 11th promise to be fairly active sessions. Starting at 11.30 they are to be held in a new venue for the occasion, Friends House in the Euston Road, London.
The papers for the meetings run to no fewer than 109 pages.
They reveal what has previously been announced, namely that last year the Kennel Club made an operating loss  of £1.6 million following a £1.2million loss in 2022.
Of this the Board says: “To continue our vital work for dogs and their owners, we need to protect and maximise our existing revenue streams by making our range of products and services more relevant and valued by existing customers and looking at ways of attracting more customers to the Kennel Club…..We have built secure foundations for our longer term transformational plans to ensure financial success. Heading into 2024, we have the insights and plans to deliver change focusing on growth and enhanced support to our grassroots.” 

Perhaps the most controversial proposal to be discussed will be the request for members to approve various fee increases including a £5 uplift in registration fees from £20 to £25. This is on top of a £3 increase approved at last year’s AGM. That had been the first increase in fees since 2018.
Following the operating losses in 2022 and 2023, the KC Board says that these increases are necessary to stabilise and improve the KC’s financial resilience.  
If approved, the uplift in the basic registration fee since 2018 would be £8, a percentage increase of 47% in a period when UK inflation has been 26%. 


Another proposal likely to be controversial for some dyed-in-the wool KC members is the request that the policy regarding the Club’s dress code should be ceded to the Board to give flexibility in the future to make necessary changes that will support growth within the Club area. The example given is that less formal attire could be required for some events so as to encourage greater attendance at Clarges Street.
Other proposals include
  • An increase of 10% in KC Membership Fees, 
  • A change in Club Auditor, and
  • Formal approval of the KC Change of name to ‘The Royal Kennel Club’.

One change to the governance of the Kennel Club is to be the introduction of a Business Committee to provide strategic guidance on key business-related issues to improve the KC’s sustainability and effectiveness. This Committee is to make the business aspects of the Kennel Club better and more agile and will include Directors, volunteers and executives, with a maximum of six non-executive members (Directors and volunteers) and five executives. 
This move returns the way the KC’s business activities are run to the position which was abandoned around ten years ago, when the business side of the KC was supervised by the Board of Kennel Club Services and the then Finance and General Purposes Committee.     


Ron James retires from the Board this year under the 75 year rule and it will be proposed that he becomes an Honorary Life Member alongside seven other members eligible for such  membership status having been members for forty years.
There are nine positions on the Board up for election, eight for three year terms and one for a one year term.
The following seven existing Directors are retiring after a three year term:
• Tony Allcock
• Nicky Ackerley-Kemp
• Jon Bailey
• Sue Garner
• David Guy
• Robert Harlow
• Tom Mather
and Angela White who retires after a one year term.  
They are all seeking re-election.
The following are new candidates seeking to be elected for the first time:
• Lee Janaway
• Caroline Kisko
• Gavin Robertson
That means that eleven candidates are standing for nine places on the KC Board.


Tucked away in the Biographical Notes on Board candidates is the announcement by the KC Chairman that he is reversing his original  undertaking on becoming Chairman, that he: “Would not accept further new breed championship show appointments for the duration of his tenure in office.”
He says in his biographical notes that it is now his intention to seek approval for those breeds for which he is now qualified to judge partly because of the anticipated cessation of the ‘traditional judging qualification route’ including the ‘grandfathering rights’ at the end of next year. (See elsewhere in our news pages this week.)
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