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KC launches enhanced Find A Judge service

Issue: 03/09/2021

RECENTLY WE reported that the Kennel Club has relaunched ‘Find a Judge’ on its website after nearly a year of it being unavailable.
The KC says that the new online directory replicates all the features of the previous version. It continues: “Users will have the ability to search for all those judges who have been approved by the Kennel Club to judge at all championship shows, working trials and field trials. Each judge’s record will show the breeds they are eligible to judge at championship dog shows or the classes, stakes and panel status in other activities.
“Previous and approved future judging appointments are now also listed for all disciplines apart from field trials, which will be updated in due course, and there is the facility for inviting societies to contact judges direct via a contact form.
“A further enhancement in relation to breed show judges is the fact that those who have been approved via the A2 and A3 pre-approval routes now have those breeds for which they are approved listed on their profile, including those first-time judges who have had appointments cancelled due to Covid-19. Judges will automatically appear on the new website for all CC, Group and BIS appointments once their appointment is approved by the Board”.


Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “As with the previous system, the Kennel Club very much hopes that show and trial organisers, judges and competitors alike will find the new enhanced Find a Judge service useful when planning and entering future events. We hope it will make using the system simpler to have all activities listed in one place, with easy access to judges’ appointment details at the press of a button. All judges in the following activities will now have listings: agility, Bloodhound working trials, dog showing, obedience, field trials and working trials.
“We have added a new feature which allows for information searches based on a radius, which we hope will prove useful for event organisers when deciding how far a particular judge lives in relation to their show or trial venue.”
The KC concludes: “Every effort has been made to ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date and reflects what was previously published, and all field trial and activity judges – whose details we didn’t already hold on the old Find a Judge system – have been emailed asking them to check their details and inform us of any changes. We have a dedicated team ready to continue to work with judges to update details should this be necessary. Any judge who has a concern is advised to view the FAQs and anybody who needs support changing their details can complete the online form.
“To access the Find a Judge facility, please visit The Kennel Club website. All enquiries from judges regarding their own listing should be directed via the contact form above.”
OUR DOGS COMMENTS: After a year when the KC’s ‘Find a Judge’ facility has been unavailable during the CRM and IT problems, it is good that the service has now been relaunched.
Judging by the lack of social media complaints it would seem that the KC has taken greater care this time to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the system have been well tested and problems ironed out before launch.
As with any new website offering, users will take a time to get used to the new layout which seems to be crisp and looks rather more modern than the former version. It is good too that any inaccuracies can be changed by completion of a prearranged form.
We had understood that information about open show appointments and exams passed would also be a part of the new system. Perhaps that is to come in a second and subsequent phase of the project.
OUR DOGS welcomes readers’ views as the system is now in use.

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