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KC launches its Puppy Awareness Week

Issue: 08/09/2017

The Kennel Club, in introducing its Puppy Awareness Week (PAW) from September 4th to 10th, says that; 'Puppies from puppy farms are bred with no regard for their health and well-being and are kept in appalling, unsanitary conditions. They are often sold onto unsuspecting puppy buyers, who don't know what danger signs to look out for'.
They go on to say: 'Research for Puppy Awareness Week has shown the shocking state of the puppy buying and selling industry in the UK - with too many people ending up with pups who are suffering from health and behavioural problems, after being bred by puppy farmers.
'PAW aims to help puppy buyers be aware of how to find a responsible breeder, and a healthy, happy puppy.
The KC says that Research carried out by it shows that a shocking:
One in five people admit that they spent no time researching where to buy their puppy at all, compared to less than one in ten (8 percent) who are prepared to spontaneously decide what shoes to buy.
More than one third people admit they are clueless about how to find a reputable breeder for their puppy and are therefore vulnerable to the scams that should ring alarm bells
People are more likely to fall victim to scams and puppy farmers if they don't do their research, with almost a quarter (22 percent) saying they think they went to a puppy farm, if they had chosen their pup in 20 minutes or less
For pups purchased in twenty minutes or less by their owners, almost one in six (15 per cent) experience illness, ongoing veterinary treatment or death in the first six months - three times higher than those chosen in an hour or more
More than one in five people suffer financially and the same proportion suffer emotionally if they spent 20 minutes or less researching where to buy a puppy, compared to less than one in ten if they spent longer than an hour.
More than one in three (34 percent) fail to see the puppy with its mum - a classic sign of a puppy farmer. More than 2 in 5 (41 per cent) of those who suspect that they did not see the puppy with its real mum say that their pup suffered from serious health problems in the first six months, including problems that resulted in ongoing veterinary treatment or death. And 43 per cent experience financial or emotional hardship if they don't see the mum.
The Kennel Club recommends its Assured Breeder Scheme and says that 'ABS is Best - it is the only scheme in the UK that sets standards for and inspects the premises of dog breeders (the Kennel Club has UKAS accreditation to certify breeders on the scheme, meaning it is robust and impartial).'
Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club in announcing the results of the research said: 'This research is a wake-up call for anybody who cares about dog welfare as a rather terrifying picture is emerging of a nation of people who are careless when it comes to choosing where and how to buy a dog, and who feel clueless about where they would begin, if they were to attempt to do this responsibly.
'The result is puppies with all manner of health and behavioural problems being sold via the internet, pet shops or social media to people who don't know the true background of the pups and who pay the price in veterinary bills and heartache, as they watch their beloved pet suffer.'
'There is a massive gap in consumer knowledge and we need to help people understand what a good dog breeder looks like. The research shows that just under three quarters (73 per cent) of people would like a scheme where breeders are already checked and approved for them by a UKAS approved body, which is why the Kennel Club developed its Assured Breeder Scheme. At the very least we urge people to make themselves aware of the scams and tricks of the trade, so that they can spot the people who are putting puppy welfare at risk.' 
The Kennel Club has compiled the dos and don'ts of buying a puppy for its Puppy Awareness Week, which can be downloaded from the website 
In addition, a Video is available on Youtube under the search heading of "Do's and Don'ts of Buying a Puppy - Puppy Awareness Week"
For OUR DOGS' comments see our Opinion Column on page eight of this week's issue.

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