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KC launches own website for show critiques

Issue: 11/05/2018

Last week, after we had gone to press, the Kennel Club Press office made the following announcement:


'To use the website, judges are invited to register and set up an individual login based on their email address, with a password. 

'The Kennel Club takes its responsibilities seriously and aims to support the education and training of judges and support the standard of judging at licensed dog shows. 
'The new Judges' Critique website will help to complete the circle of services offered to exhibitors, judges and Kennel Club licensed events by providing a facility to publish and view critiques anywhere. Once a judge has published a critique, a copy of it will be sent to the registered email to keep a copy for their own records.

'For more information on the Judges' Critiques website, please email' 

Emails to judges

Simultaneously the Kennel Club also emailed CC judges from its own data base saying, "The Kennel Club is pleased to announce the launch of a new Judges' Critiques website.

'The free online service has been developed for you to publish and manage your written critiques as well as provide free access to members of the public including exhibitors to view critiques in one place.

'To upload your critiques, please register on the website to set up an individual login and password. You will be able to see your personal judges dashboard, which will show all of your uploaded critiques one place with the option to download them.

'If you have any questions regarding the new online service, please email'


As yet there has been no indication of how much this new web site has cost the world of dogs.
It is also believed to have absorbed much Kennel Club staff time and resources and the use of London based software programme writers which will not have come cheaply. It is unclear why the Kennel Club felt the need to replicate the work of OUR DOGS in this field, and previously both OUR DOGS and our past contemporary Dog World both of whom provided a complete show critiques service at no cost to the Kennel Club. 

It has been suggested that the publication of a list of judges who had not submitted show critiques might have had an influence on the decision to spend so much money on this project. 

This is somewhat ironic considering some high profile members of the Board, who apparently approved this expenditure, were actually amongst those who regularly failed to send such reports. 

The Kennel Club's failure to approach OUR DOGS who already edit, catalogue and print every single judge's show report submitted is also something of a mystery. It is believed that OUR DOGS were fully prepared to come to an arrangement to supply reports to the Kennel Club and this would have saved what appears to be a huge amount of time, effort and money spent by the KC that could have been used for dog welfare or other more pressing canine matters.

Users are advised to read carefully the KC Terms and Conditions for the site extending to some four A4 pages. For further information see our news pages 4-5 and for OUR DOGS' comments see our opinion column on page eight of this week's issue.



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