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Kennel Club SGM requested by members

Issue: 07/09/2018

OUR DOGS understands that on Tuesday of this week in a very rare move, a number of Kennel Club members took the step of asking the KC Board to call a Special General Meeting so as to propose votes of no confidence in three of its senior members.
We are told that the three members concerned are KC Chairman Mr Simon Luxmoore as leader of the KC Board, Mr Mark Cocozza as Chairman of the KC Disciplinary Committee and Mr Jeff Horswell as Chairman of the Kennel Club JCF Working Party.
The rules for calling Special General Meetings of the KC are included in its 'Articles of Association'. They say that an SGM can be called at any time on a written request from at least 5% of the Voting Members of the Kennel Club Limited. With around 1450 Voting Members the required 5% is around 75.  It is understood that the number of members who have agreed to put their names to the request is more than that required 75.
OUR DOGS' comment:  As news of this move has arrived only a short time before we go to press, detailed coverage of it will need to wait until next week's issue.  However events at the Kennel Club and the direction it has been taking on a number of fronts have recently been receiving more and more disapproving comments from members and others.  
Last week we published an open but anonymous critical letter from some KC members. They said they didn't want to reveal their names for fear of retribution. This anonymity was disapproved of in social media and that must have persuaded those who wrote the letter and others to come forward and make themselves known through the request for an SGM.
No-one can remember when KC members last took such a drastic step and it is a great pity that no other way could have been found to resolve the problems that KC members feel so strongly about. Some of the KC Chairman's comments in his speech at the Welsh Kennel Club Dinner undoubtedly made things worse. Many felt that they showed an intransigence to widespread public opinion. This may have been the straw that broke the camel's back and precipitated the virtually unprecedented action of so many normally very loyal KC members.
OUR DOGS hopes that matters may somehow be resolved between the members and the KC Board so that this requested meeting can be avoided. Let us hope that the members requesting the meeting can, by some means, be persuaded that the majority of KC Directors recognise the problems and are prepared to adapt their policies accordingly.   
Hopefully there will not be a prolonged need for the KC's dirty linen to be washed in public.       

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