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Kennel Club envelope confusion

Issue: 04/06/2021

Social media posts over the last week regarding the dreaded KC computer system and website changes have centred on registrations and documents through the post following two completely contrasting situations, with one post asking “Has anyone actually had a good experience lately with Kennel Club?”
Delays on registrations still seem to be a major problem for many people with one person recently writing: “I got my kc papers through the other day; Pups were born 1st January and I registered them at about three weeks old. Then just before they left at the end of February, I got told they were all done, and would be about 10 days. Nearly 12 weeks later they have arrived!”


A classic situation evolved after a post appeared with one person writing that they had received a message from the Kennel Club saying there was a delay in sending out documents because “they had run out of envelopes” 
This post was swiftly followed by a breeder posting that she had received over forty registration documents through her letter box...and none of them belonged to her.
Susan Vernal, posted on social media, ‘Went to my letter box to see if there was any mail this morning.
‘Forty plus of these, all addressed to me, all registration documents, all sorts of breeds, all registered to me, but NOT ONE belongs to me. UNBELIEVABLE.
‘I think the inmates are running the asylum.’
Meanwhile, David Norris posted, ‘It beggars belief, my wife has just received an email from the KC stating her docs are delayed as “They have run out of envelopes”.’
There were anecdotal reports posted online by people who alleged that they knew people who had received over 60 registration documents in the last few days and many cases of puppy packs arriving weeks after the puppies had gone to new owners.
Apart from the obvious conclusion that the Kennel Club left hand and right hand are apparently not working in tandem, commentators on social media have also raised questions about potential GDPR issues and data lapses that could arise from such clerical errors, as there have been long standing registration issues and reports of delays and errors with documents since the Kennel Club website was updated last September.
Some comments branded the KC a “laughing stock” while another said that, “the whole organisation is a joke.”
Talking about the 40 plus envelopes going to Susan Vernal, Helen Fox, Kennel Club Chief Operating Officer said, ‘We were extremely concerned to learn about this situation. We have apologised to the customer for this system error which we are taking very seriously and are investigating further in order to rectify the situation.
‘We would like to reassure that personal data was not compromised, lost or disclosed and there has been no data breach.
‘This was an unfortunate system error and a service issue which is being investigated swiftly so that a solution can be put in place to ensure there is no repetition.’

Data breach

The subject of data breaches has been discussed by other member of the group ‘Kennel Club, Fight for your rights’ with one member saying, “They’ve done it again, this is the second time, the KC really are shocking. I have again been sent registration papers for a Chihuahua that I did not breed nor own. I’m now in possession of the dog’s kc registration number and all paperwork. I’ve contacted the breeder and owner to let them know as I am ethical. How many is this happening to? The back yard breeders would be rubbing their hands together getting such paperwork. Absolutely shocking. I advise everyone who has registered dogs this last 12 months to check they are actually in your name. Laughable as I’m waiting on three sets of papers for months for adults to be put in my name but seem to be getting everyone else’s instead!’
Some of the disgruntled breeders on the ‘Fight for your rights’ group have talked in depth about reporting the KC to trading standards and now about the potential data breaches which the KC has denied. Recently a BBC researcher also expressed interest in the whole web site/ CRM crisis asking people to forward their views. 

Ongoing problems

The problems that have beset the CRM/ Web site ‘upgrade’ seem to fly in the face of promises made some years ago by the previous Chairman claiming that the new CRM would save the Kennel Club well over one million pounds per annum. 
It is worth noting that the whole business of the CRM system is not a recent one and seems to have trundled on for years.
Writing to Kennel Club members back in April 2017, the then Chairman Simon Luxmoore said: “The Kennel Club business transformation project, led by Jacquie Easton, is making good progress. In the first instance, a cross company examination, by Helen Fox, is being undertaken of all our products and services which will be followed by a review of processes and the removal of low value work. Whilst change may not be too obvious in the short term, the aim is to introduce lean working with all the benefits it brings to operations and resourcing. This will allow us to prioritise the important initiatives whilst providing increased job satisfaction and development opportunities to our employees. Rose Smart will report on progress at the AGM.”
History now tells us that not only has Mr Luxmoore left as Chairman, Rose Smart has since stood down as CEO of the Club, although being retained as an ambassador, and Jacquie Easton left some months ago, with Helen Fox remaining with a new title as the Kennel Club Chief Operating Officer.

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