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Life ban for man after Westies die in hot car

Issue: 04/01/2019

A man whose West Highland White Terriers died after they were left in a car for an hour and 18 minutes has been banned from keeping animals for life.
Julian Bradbury left his two dogs Teddy and Poppy in his car in sweltering temperatures of 26C during the July heatwave as he returned to his flat with his two children at in Birmingham, at 3.24pm on July 11.
On 19th December at Birmingham Magistrates' Court he pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the two dogs. The court heard how the sequence of events showed the dogs locked in the car and Bradbury's subsequent actions were caught on CCTV. 
After parking his car with the dogs inside, video footage later shows him returning to the vehicle and opening the boot, where the dogs were left, at 4.42pm.
The CCTV images show that as Bradbury lifts the first dog from the car the dog's head jerks before the pet slumps to the floor. The second dog appears limp and flat to the floor. He is then seen carrying the dogs under both arms into the lift where he attempts to resuscitate them. 
Bradbury then takes them into his flat where he said, during interview, he tried to revive the dying pets in the bath for about half an hour but they both died.
Later that evening, at 10.25pm, Bradbury is seen on camera with the dogs wrapped in blankets. It is at this point he said, during interview, that he was taking them to leave their bodies at a garage. He told the investigation he buried them in a nearby field the following day.

The bodies of the pets were exhumed as part of the RSPCA investigation which came to light when the CCTV footage was reviewed by the local council who were looking into complaints about dog fouling in the flats.
RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal, who investigated the case, said: "These dogs were left in the full view of the sun during the heatwave for one hour and 18 minutes so they must have suffered a long and lingering decline.
"It was the day when England played Croatia in a World Cup match in the evening and people will I am sure recall it was very hot. 
"The RSPCA's annual campaign 'Dogs Die in Hot Cars" states how you should never leave your dog in a parked car for even a few minutes as they become dangerously hot very rapidly so to leave them for such a long period is terrible. 
"A vet said these dogs would have started suffering within a few minutes and their suffering would have been protracted."
In mitigation Bradbury said he forgot the dogs were in the car as he had childcare issues and was distracted.
As well as a lifetime ban on keeping animals, he was also fined 500, costs of 300 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of 50.
The offence Bradbury admitted was: That on July 11, 2018 in the vicinity of Somerville House, Waterson Croft, Birmingham, you caused unnecessary suffering to two dogs, Ted and Poppy in a vehicle in hot weather contrary to Section 4(1) of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

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