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Meet the JCF team at Crufts

Issue: 08/03/2019

The KC has announced that its Judges Competency Framework (JCF) will have a presence at Crufts, and is urging judges of every level "from the new and aspiring to the vastly experienced" to visit the main Kennel Club stand at the show to find out more about the new system of educating, approving and listing judges in the UK. The KC says that Breed Education Coordinators () and breed club representatives are also welcome to come to the stand with any queries they may have. 
Established judges can visit the stand in hall 3 and speak to specialist Kennel Club staff about arrangements during the JCF transition period. For example, it may be that they are approved to award CCs in one breed and are on judging lists for other breeds at open show level - the JCF team at Crufts will be on hand to explain how to transition from the old to the new system.
Likewise, less experienced judges can visit the stand to find out what they need to do in order to ensure they meet the requirements to be able to judge at open and limited shows from 2020. The team will be able to offer advice on seminar and assessment requirements, among other aspects, which will be compulsory for new judges starting out under the new system. 

Guides and experts 
on hand 

An updated detailed guide to the JCF will also be available on the stand. The KC says: "Judges as well as those interested in becoming a judge are welcome to collect their free copy.
"The team will also be on hand to answer queries about the JCF Eye for a Dog assessment which will be compulsory for any championship show judge who aspires to add a second or additional CC breed to the list of breeds they judge under the JCF. The Kennel Club recently held these assessments over two days at Stoneleigh where all 72 places were booked within three days. Ninety nine judges have now passed this assessment and there are plans to hold further assessments later this year including regional events - dates will be announced nearer the time.
"Breed Appreciation Days (BADs) are the new breed-specific judging seminars, run by breed clubs and councils, at which a judge must pass a multiple choice exam if they wish to judge that breed at JCF Level 2 (equivalent of B list). There have been 38 BADs held so far and there are plans for a further 45 such seminars to be held this year. For a list of future BADs, please go to
"A pivotal aspect of the JCF will be mentoring which will enable candidates to increase their knowledge of a breed, guided by experts. The Kennel Club now has 1,863 JCF mentors across 95 breeds and the list continues to grow. For more details, please go to"
Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "The JCF is now only a matter of months away and it is encouraging that a lot of progress has been made already with BADs and mentoring sessions in full swing. We very much hope that judges of all levels of experience, as well as BECs and breed club representatives, will visit the Kennel Club stand at Crufts in order to find out exactly where they fit in the JCF picture and the supporting requirements, either as an established judge who will need to transition over, or as a new judge just starting out on the new system or as part of the organisation to ensure the continuation of a high level of judges' education." 
Online judging and stewarding exams go on-Line
The Kennel Club also says that its Judges Competency Framework (JCF) has entered what it calls "an exciting new phase" with the launch of a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (RDSJ) refresher exam, as well as a stewarding assessment, both of which have been added online to the KC Academy.
The KC adds that these latest developments herald: "the start of the JCF, which is a matter of months away, making it imperative that judges be prepared for this revolutionary new way of educating, assessing and listing judges in the UK."
It says: "Existing CC judges and those who have already passed the main RDSJ exam are strongly encouraged to take this refresher exam online to meet their JCF obligation to pass this exam every five years. Taking the exam on the KC Academy is convenient and straightforward especially as it can be taken in the comfort of one's own home. 
"The exam is based on the accompanying film, as well as on Kennel Club regulations and the Code of Best Practice for Judges and Ring Stewards. There is also a mock RDSJ exam on the Kennel Club Academy, which candidates can use as an educational tool. In both cases, the exams are compiled at random from a bank of questions.
"Existing CC judges, if they do not aspire to be passed for an additional CC breed or breeds, have up until 31st December 2023 to pass an RDSJ exam. It is possible for judges to take this refresher exam now, although it must be borne in mind that the new computer system which will provide judges with their online personal account will not go live until the latter half of 2019. 
"For new judges working their way towards JCF Level 1 approval, there is now a ring stewarding film and accompanying multiple choice exam to pass. The exam is based on the content of the film, as well as Kennel Club regulations and the Code of Best Practice for Judges and Ring Stewards. What is learnt here will then be put to practical use as new judges must also complete six full days of stewarding. It is recommended that this incorporates a number of tasks within the stewarding role and is undertaken at various types of show. 
"Anyone who has previously met the Level 1 criteria, or is an existing CC judge, need not take the multiple-choice stewarding exam".
Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "These latest online developments point to the fact that the JCF is almost upon us. We are confident that with the film and refresher exam being available via the KC Academy judges will appreciate the convenience of being able to complete this task in the comfort of their own home." 
An updated detailed guide to the JCF is available at and paper copies will be available on the main Kennel Club stand in hall 3 at Crufts.
The Kennel Club Academy can be accessed by going to .
The KC has a designated JCF email address to which all JCF enquiries should be directed at

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