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Mixed messages on Lucy’s Law in Wales

Issue: 24/07/2020

Campaigners have accused the Welsh Government of sending mixed messages with regard to Lucy’s Law and Animal Welfare.
The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford AM, has announced the Welsh Government’s final legislative programme before next year’s scheduled Senedd election. Amongst the legislative priorities they have announced is a commitment to, ‘Ending commercial third party sales of puppies and kittens.’
OUR DOGS reported that the Welsh Government plan to hold a second public consultation on introducing Lucy’s Law and at the same time they are placing the measure as part of their legislative programme.
Linda Goodman from Care and Respect Includes All Dogs (CARIAD) who has campaigned for Lucy’s Law told OUR DOGS, ‘We’ve heard this before. They are still putting us through another consultation. Why? It will be the proof of the pudding I suppose. Let us just hope they are as good as their word for good of the dogs. We have hard it so many times.
‘It is important this law comes in to prevent suffering. Every single day they delay there will be more suffering. We all know that animal welfare is a vote winner or a vote loser. The clocks are ticking now. Any more excuses now will be unforgivable.’
Marc Abraham, co-creator of Lucy’s Law, told OUR DOGS, ‘It will good for them to prove they are as good as their word this time. Why should dogs have to keep suffering? Enough is enough. They are choosing to delay. Why should the government choose to delay?’
With regard with the commitment to bring in the law whilst the second consultation is ongoing he said, ‘Nothing makes any sense.’
The Welsh Government have announced they are to ban wild animals in circuses.
‘Whilst we applaud the decision of the Welsh Government to ban wild animals in circuses the number of animals protected is minute compared to the number of dogs that continue to suffer in Welsh puppy farms.’
A source has indicated that the Welsh Environment Secretary, Leslie Griffiths, is keen to get this, ‘done and dusted’ before the end of the parliament.
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