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Mongol Bankar turns heads at WDS

Issue: 10/05/2024


A team of eight people and three dogs travelled all the way from Mongolia to attend the World Dog show held in Zargreb, Croatia last week.
It was a gruelling journey of over 20 hours from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar which saw them arrive in Zargreb where their traditional Mongol Ger set up to promote the Mongolian Kynological Federation,and they attracted lots of positive attention, alongside their three beautiful dogs.
These were all examples of the Mongol Bankar, a flock guardian breed who are an integral part of the nomadic lifestyle. For thousands of years, right up to the present day, the breed has served its purpose of herding and protecting the livestock from predators in the extreme climate of the Mongolian Steppes.
Calm, balanced and friendly around people, they are fierce in the external environment, an ancient breed with well-developed natural instincts.
They are currently part of the FCI ‘non recognised’ Group 11, but members of the Mongolian Kynological Federation are hopeful that they will become fully recognised as part of Group 1 in the near future. 
On Sunday 28th April, they competed for the first time on the international stage, in the non-recognised Group, the three National Champions from Mongolia, were Khangarid, Toligor and Guyen; with Khangarid, Shandiin Kharuul Khangarid, owned by Toshoo Tuvshintur winning the honour to represent the breed in the Group competition, where he then beat 17 other dogs to win the Group under Judge Petru Muntean from Romania.
The MKF team were also promoting the Mongol Nomad International Dog show, which will be held from the 14th-16th June in the Mongolian capital. The show has a strong judging panel of 6 FCI International judges and offers CACIB’S & CAC’s available to all recognised breeds over the 3 days of competition. 
Congratulations to the team on their very successful trip to the WDS, and good luck for your show next month!