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New DNA testing scheme to combat inherited disease in the Papillon

Issue: 26/06/2020

In a move designed to combat inherited disease in the Papillon, the Kennel Club has approved a new official DNA testing scheme for von Willebrand’s disease type 1 (vWD1) in the breed, following consultation with the Breed Health Coordinator.
Variants at several genes have been shown to be associated with von Willebrand’s disease, with vWD1 being the most common. This variant has been observed in Papillons, as has the disease, although a direct association between this variant and the occurrence and severity of the disease in Papillons is undocumented.
Von Willebrand’s disease type 1 is described as an autosomal-recessive condition. This means that a dog must inherit two copies of an abnormal gene (one from its mother and one from its father) before its health is likely to be affected. A dog that inherits only one copy of the abnormal gene (from its mother or its father) will likely have no signs of the disease, but will be a carrier and may pass the gene on to any offspring.
Tested dogs will be recorded on the Kennel Club systems as one of the following: Clear, Carrier or Affected.
To find out which laboratories the Kennel Club is able to record results from, and which labs will send results direct to the Kennel Club, please refer to the worldwide DNA testing list at Please note that this listing is not necessarily comprehensive and other labs may offer the tests.
Test results will be added to the dog’s registration details which will trigger the publication of the result in the next available Breed Records Supplement. The result will appear on any new registration certificate issued for the dog and on the registration certificates of any future progeny of the dog, and also on the Health Test Results Finder on the Kennel Club website. 
Results for dogs already tested can also be recorded, but owners will need to submit copies of the DNA certificates themselves. If the owner includes the original registration certificate for the dog (not a copy) then a new registration certificate will be issued, with the DNA result on it, free of charge. DNA test certificates should be emailed to

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