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New KC Chairman elected

Issue: 07/06/2019

070619-allcockAs OUR DOGS goes to press we are in receipt of two Kennel Club statements
The first release came soon after the Board meeting on Tuesday June 4th.
It simply states:
The Kennel Club Board has voted to elect Tony Allcock MBE as Kennel Club Chairman with Dr Ian Gabriel appointed as Kennel Club Vice-Chairman. 
The previous Chairman, Mr Steve Croxford, was thanked by the Board for his valuable contribution as Chairman since November 2018 and as Vice Chairman since 2015.
In a contested election at the first Meeting of the Board of the KC since its stormy AGM on  May 21st,  board members voted in Tony Allcock as Chairman to succeed Steve Croxford who had held the position since last November. As a result Tony Allcock became the fourth KC Chairman in five years.
Mr Croxford the previous Chairman had been in the post for just seven months following a period of three years as Vice Chairman, to which position he was elected in 2015.  Mr Croxford’s background was in Agility and not the show side of dogs.
At the same meeting Ian Gabriel was elected as Vice Chairman.

Tony Allcock was elected to the Board of the Kennel Club in 2015. With a previous career in education and then as a kennels and cattery owner, he became Chief Executive of the English Bowling Association in 2002 and is now Chief Executive of its successor organisation Bowls England. He competed in bowling tournaments around the world for many years and gathered up no fewer than fifteen bowling world titles. He was awarded MBE in the 1989 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to sport and the community.
His experience in the administrative side of the word of bowling must have given him considerable experience of a nature very relevant to the post of KC Chairman. Bowls England is after all the National Governing Body for the sport of Flat Green Lawn Bowls. Like the KC it is a company limited by guarantee. Bowls England’s responsibilities include Governance and Democracy within the sport, promotion of the sport, communication with Government Departments and other external agencies, communicating with and encouraging feedback from its Members, liaising with volunteers and providing services to its affiliated clubs. It therefore has many similarities to the Kennel Club.
In the canine world Tony Allcock’s Sleepyhollow kennel name is best known in Toydog circles and he has bred and/or shown twenty-five UK champions.  He first awarded CCs to Japanese Chins in 2008 and is now approved to award CCs to 20 breeds. He first judged the Toy Group in 2015. Mr Allcock was a member of the KC Finance Committee from 2016 to 2018 and had also been its Vice Chairman. He joined the Kennel Club in 2002. 

Not judge
Mr Allcock is apparently on record as having said in the past that if ever he became Chairman of the KC he would stop showing and judging, a measure that would surely be welcomed by KC Members as a very good sign for the future
Late on Tuesday afternoon, OUR DOGS received a further statement which referred to that situation. The statement said:
“At its meeting on 4 June 2019, the Kennel Club Board elected Mr Tony Allcock as Chairman for the forthcoming year.  Dr Ian Gabriel replaces Mr Allcock as Vice Chairman.
Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman are aware of the importance of the need to achieve a unified and cohesive Kennel Club, serving all its Members and associates.
Neither the Chairman nor the Vice Chairman will accept further new breed championship show appointments for the duration of their tenure in office.  However, they will honour those appointments where a contract with the society already exists.  Neither will the Chairman nor the Vice Chairman exhibit at shows from 31 July 2019.
It is hoped that the Members will allow a period of constructive reflection by the Board to achieve their aim of a united and vibrant UK dog scene.  The Board is conscious that they have a busy year ahead.”
Tony Allcock / Dr Ian Gabriel (signed)
It is thought that this statement also reflects members views voiced at the recent AGM.
Vice Chairman
070619-ianThe new Vice Chairman is Ian Gabriel. He was elected as a Member of the Kennel Club in 1999 and became a member of the Board in 2013. He was Crufts Medical Officer for over 13 years and currently holds the same post at Richmond Championship Show. He was also recently a member of the Crufts Committee and Vice Chairman of the KC Audit and Risk Committee.
Professionally, he is a Consultant in Haematology at London Oncology Clinic and Cromwell Hospital London, specialising in blood cancers and bone marrow transplantation..
His uncle was the breeder of the Gaybryl Smooth Fox Terriers and he has been judging for 25 years. He is approved to award CCs to four terrier breeds including Smooth Fox Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers. He currently serves as a Committee Member of the Reading and District Kennel Association.
Many in dogs might be surprised that the Board has undergone yet another change at the top following many months of high profile activity. After the traumas of the last year in particular, life at the Kennel Club appeared to have been settling down.
It is a point of conjecture how this new line up in Clarges Street will handle the very clear votes at the recent AGM which very much put a number of key matters back in the lap of the Board.
For OUR DOGS comments see our Opinion Column on page eight of this week’s issue.

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