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Our Dogs Annual 2021

Issue: 19/06/2020


Notwithstanding Covid 19 or lockdowns, the OUR DOGS Annual 2021 will be published in December of this year to celebrate pedigree dogs around the world. OUR DOGS is also celebrating 125 years of publishing within the canine world and although this year’s Annual might have a different feel, it will still be packed with great photos, articles and adverts featuring great dogs from UK, Ireland and the world over.  Thanks to Anna SzabĂł for the photo from the Almanza team based in Sweden. Anna told OUR DOGS, “We are aiming to live up the standard we set with Jet’s and Gwendariff tales, and have already started working full speed on the saga of the Almanza Flatcoated retrievers for The Annual”. Other kennels are also planning a review of their kennel history featuring current and all time favourite dogs and top winners.

Bookings for The Annual at preferential early rates can be made by contacting any member of the team (Vince, Kerry, Pam, John, Anne, Denise) or message us online.

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