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Over 100 Dachshunds seized in raids

Issue: 22/11/2019

One hundred and one Dachshunds have been seized following raids in Greater Manchester following a crackdown against the illegal breeding of dogs.
Warrants were executed at nine properties, seven in Rochdale, one in Oldham and one in Salford. All the properties contained dogs and they were all taken by the RSPCA.
Rochdale Council’s partnership enforcement team led the operation that included 30 police officers, RSPCA inspectors and officers from neighbouring authorities.
The raids are the culmination of a two month investigation into illegal dog breeding. Resident’s had made complaints to the council and there were reports of dogs being sold by suspected breeders.
The dogs are not currently available for adoption as they still form part of the investigation. They are all being looked after in approved kennels and are going through health checks.


Anonymous sources have indicated some of the breeders involved in this raid were also raided in February and charged will the illegal breeding of Dachshunds. The individuals involved are currently under investigation. 
The popularity of Dachshunds have made them an attractive proposition for illegal breeders and smugglers. Along with French Bulldogs, Pugs and Chihuahua’s they are amongst the breeds most likely to be intercepted by investigators.
If you have bought a Dachshund in Rochdale in the last 12 months please contact Rochdale Council’s environmental health team on 0300 303 8871.
Mark Widdup, director of neighbourhoods at Rochdale Council, said, ‘It is really pleasing that we have been able to execute the warrants successfully and place the dogs into care. Thanks to all of our partners who made the operation run smoothly.’
An RSPCA spokesperson said, ‘On Tuesday, November 12, RSPCA officers and partner agencies including Greater Manchester Police and Rochdale Trading Standards executed warrants at addresses in Rochdale, Oldham, Heywood and Little Hulton.
‘We are unable to comment further while enquiries continue.’
Earlier this year Coronation Street star, who plays vicar Billy Mayhew in the soap, adopted a Dachshund called Colin that had been illegally smuggled into the country and rescued by Dogs Trust.
Along with the French Bulldog, the Dachshund (and in particular the minis) has risen in popularity  with kc registrations across all varieties rising.  
However, its current popularity is leading to worries that unscrupulous breeders could be cashing in, which seems to be the case here. Thousands more unregistered dachshunds are thought to have been bred on puppy farms, which have a reputation for forcing bitches to have litter after litter in squalid conditions.
The pups are often poorly socialised and many have congenital defects. 
Queen Victoria was a fan, importing a dog called Deckel from Coburg in Bavaria in the 1840s. Princess Margaret had a dachshund called Pipkin, which bred with one of her sister, the Queen’s, corgis to produce a litter of dorgis. However, during the two world wars they were seen as an unpatriotic pet. 
Celebrity owners include singer Adele and actors Clint Eastwood and Christian Slater. Hollywood stars Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn were also fans as well as the late music legend David Bowie.

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