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Petlog challenges discussed at AGM

Issue: 22/11/2019

The Kennel Club’s Products and Services Executive Helen Fox gave a presentation to Kennel Club members at the SGM last week about what was called ‘the Petlog Challenge’.
In view of the commercial sensitivity of some of the information included in this report we will only give a brief summary here.
Petlog has operated under the management of the Kennel Club since 1996. It aims to support welfare needs through reunification of dogs and their owners.  
Compulsory microchipping of dogs was introduced in April 2016 and is viewed as a significant step forward in dog welfare.  This is demonstrated through a 41% reduction in the number of stray dogs dealt with by Local Authorities since microchipping became compulsory in 2016. 
Petlog  provides free rehoming Petlog registrations to welfare organisations including breed rescue, the Dogs Trust and Battersea.


Since April 2016, the pet microchipping sector has become an increasingly challenging marketplace with 13 DEFRA ‘compliant’ databases and still growing.
Veterinary ‘corporates’ are a growing proportion of the veterinary markets and they   increasingly dictate microchip contracts and the use of databases.
There is little policing of the legislation – in terms of compliance, other than making sure a dog has been microchipped.


Helen Fox outlined a number of ways in which the KC will protect and enhance Petlog’s share of the  market, only some of which will be revealed here due to competitive sensitivities.
The plan includes:
• Regular review of risks to the Petlog business
• Detailed analysis of what is happening in the marketplace to make informed decisions about the future of Petlog
• New Petlog online services planned.
• Build on our Petlog reputation and protect existing income
Ms Fox concluded by reminding KC Members that Petlog continues to provide significant support in the reunification of pets – servicing some 60,000 reunification calls 24/7 in 2018 and remains the leading database.

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