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Petlog raises issues

Issue: 02/04/2021

The online re-launch of Petlog, the Kennel Club’s own pet registration system, seems to have caused quite a stir for all types of users, from implanters to dog owners whose details are lodged with Petlog.
Many comments came to light on social media in the past week or so as the web site underwent the (dreaded) upgrade. Linda Hall of the Geordiestaff SBT was one of many people who contacted OUR DOGS saying,
“Petlog is a Kennel Club business and after the debacle of the KC system update, one thought it could not happen again? It seems that whilst problems and issues are still to be resolved on the KC main database and systems, some bright spark decided to authorise an update to the Petlog data base and system, thus creating a headache and nightmare, not to mention, untold worry and concerns from anxious pet owners, rescues, implanters and others who use the Petlog system” 
Petlog is one of a number of registries in the UK and the concern is that the Kennel Club will lose further business if dog and pet owners lose confidence in its ability to fully function. OUR DOGS understands that Petlog call centre staff are working extra hours to cope with the queries and additional calls generated by the web site upgrade
Many people just cannot understand why the Kennel Club chose this moment to take this action when its already beleaguered staff are still struggling to cope with the problems thrown up by the main Kennel Club web site, many of which are still rumbling on.
OUR DOGS has also been made aware of other registries that some suggest are non compliant to all the requirements and readers are advised to take care when choosing where to register their dogs.
OUR DOGS also asked the Kennel Club for more details about the upgrade and the K C has responded with a statement and further information on page 11 and 13 in this issue
See page 8 for additional OUR DOGS comments on Petlog.

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