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Plans to demolish racing track

Issue: 04/01/2019

Plans have been submitted to demolish a Greyhound racing track in Manchester.
The Belle Vue track is under threat after a developer submitted plans to build 250 new homes on the site.
At a recent meeting of the All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group (APDAWG) there were calls for the sport to be banned.
In recent years the popularity of the sport has dwindled with attendances falling and tracks closing. 
Earlier this year the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) revealed that over 1,000 Greyhounds were put to sleep in 2017.
There are no greyhound stadiums left in London and there are now just 24 registered tracks left in the UK.
Belle Vue hosted the first modern greyhound race in 1926 and in 1945 50 million people used to watch the sport. Audiences now are below 2 million according to recent figures.
A company called Countryside Properties have announced a joint application with SCP Investments Ltd and Manchester City Council has described the plans as 'major step forward.'
Countryside's regional operations director John Grealis said, 'Submission for planning for the new development at Kirkmanshulme Lane is a key milestone in Countryside and Sigma's shared vision to create a brand new community in Gorton.
'Our ambition for the development of the Belle Vue site is to meet the local need for housing, doing so by creating high quality homes into which local families can grow and thrive with access to green space and a range of local amenities.'
Greyhound racing was first brought to Britain from the US by businessman Charles A Munn. Ironically, recently Florida voted to ban the sport in the state, joining 40 other states that already ban the sport in America. Only five states in the United States have active greyhound tracks.
Greyhound trainers have said they will try to oppose the housing plans.

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