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Pug seized and sold on Ebay

Issue: 08/03/2019

Officials in a German town have come under fire after they seized an indebted family's pet Pug and sold it on Ebay.
The incident in the town of Ahlan has prompted criticism on social media as many people feel that the decision to take the dog, called Edda, was heartless. The officials said that the decision to take the animal was a last resort as there was nothing else of value to take.
According to reports they initially wanted to take the wheelchair from a disabled resident as this was seen as the most valuable item on the premises.
One of the officials then listed the dog on Ebay for €750 which was half of what the new owner expected to pay.
According to the DPA news agency in Germany the town's treasurer said that the seizure was legal and only took place after other non-essential goods had been taken.
Edda's new owner was a police officer called Michaela Jordan. She told local newspaper the Ahlener Tageblatt that she was initially suspicious of the low price.
She called the number in the advert and spoke to someone from the local council. They explained that the dog had been seized because the family owed money. The family in question has allegedly failed to pay its debts to the town, including a dog tax.
Ms Jordan was told that the Pug was healthy but she says that Edda has medical problems that were not disclosed. The dog has had have four operations due to eye problems including an emergency operation over Christmas.
The local paper was alerted to the story because she wants the council to repay her for the expense, a reported €1,800. The journalists were then able to track down the original owner of the dog.
Last November a court bailiff and two city officials came to the original owners home to search for valuables to pay the debts.
The original owners accept that the seizure was legal but said, 'How it all ended, that was absolutely not okay.' She told the newspaper that, 'I know now that Edda is in good hands,' but she added that her three children miss the dog.
A spokesman for the local council said that seizing a family dog over unpaid debts was, 'not usual procedure.' 

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