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RSPCA warns of charity scam

Issue: 12/02/2021

The RSPCA is warning dog owners to be vigilant as it has been reported thieves have been posing as charity workers in order to steal dogs.
According to the animal welfare charity a fake van with RSPCA signs had been seen in Haverhill, Sussex. The driver of the vehicle was stopping people and asking if their dogs were stolen.
All legitimate RSPCA drivers will show identification on request.
Adam Jones, RSPCA acting chief inspector, said, ‘We would like to remind and reassure the public that all of our officers wear branded uniforms and carry issued RSPCA identification. 
‘If an RSPCA officer is in contact with you, or visits your home and you are unsure of their credentials, then please ask to see their official ID and look for the RSPCA badge on their clothing.
‘If you have taken these steps and are concerned someone isn’t who they say they are, you can always ring our national call centre on 0300 1234 999 for confirmation.
‘If you believe someone is impersonating a member of our staff please report the incident to us and to your local police.’

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