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Reward offered for Border Terriers

Issue: 01/02/2019


A REWARD of 5000 has been offered for Border Terriers Ruby and Beetle, after they disappeared from an estate in Scotland at the end of December.

Gamekeeper Edward Bell and his wife Georgia, 45, originally offered a 1000 for the return of the dogs, after they disappeared from the Lothian Estate in Jedburgh.
They are now offering the much larger sum for the return of the two dogs, aged five and two, after raising extra funds on a Crowdfunding page.

Started by Lynn Dixon, the page has already raised well over 2,000. She told the BBC: 'We are trying to raise money to fund a reward for information which will hopefully lead to Ruby and Beetle being returned to their desperate family.

Ruby and Beetle went missing on 28 December from the Scottish Borders, after extensive searching it is now believed they have been stolen.
'Friends of the family suggested trying to raise this reward fund in the hope that it leads to their safe return.

'With the understanding that if the reward fund isn't paid out for whatever reason (hopefully with Ruby and Beetle being found with no need for it) then it has been suggested any money raised be donated to an animal/dog charity of choice.'

However, Georgia thinks the dogs (a mother and daughter) may have been taken to be used by poachers as working dogs, or as bait for dog fighting.
The family have reported the missing dogs to Police Scotland.

Any information or sightings can be reported via 101.

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