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SSPCA to support Lucys Law

Issue: 01/02/2019

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) is to support Lucy's Law, the campaign to ban third party sales of puppies in pet shops.

In a statement the SSPCA said, 'Since the announcement just before Christmas, there has been growing support in Scotland to implement Lucy's Law.

The Scottish SPCA fully supports Lucy's Law and would welcome it, but in actual fact legislation has been in place for over a decade to regulate the sale of pups and kittens in Scotland.'

Lucy's Law is to be introduced in England and in Wales a consultation has been announced with a view to bringing in the measure in the Principality.

In Wales there has been more positive news for Lucy's Law after both Powys and Swansea councils backed Lucy's Law.

Scotland has been left behind and the fear is that the country could become the puppy farming centre for the UK.

Whilst Lucy's Law campaigners are pleased with the fact that the SSPCA has backed their campaign they are concerned that the welfare charity seems to misinformed about Lucy's Law.

Marc Abraham, who launched the Lucy's Law campaign spoke to OUR DOGS about the SSPCA statement, 'I am thrilled that they have acknowledged Lucy's Law but the statement they have put out is confusing.

'It is a bizarre statement because they say they are supporting Lucy's Law but they refuse to ask the government to bring it in. Either you support Lucy's Law or you don't.
'There is a lack of understanding about Lucy's Law. They seem to think it will work with existing legislation when it is, in fact, a replacement of existing legislation.


'In the statement that are so many contradictory statements. If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable.

'They are confusing the public by condoning legal dealers and attacking illegal dealers, when the dogs are still being bred in bad conditions. What they are saying doesn't make sense.
'Also, they will not push for Lucy's Law and in the statement they existing legislation does not work.

'There is so much contradiction, hypocrisy and blatant lack of understanding in that statement it is embarrassing. I presume they have been misinformed. They still need to a but more homework. They are letting the dogs down.'

In particular Lucy's Law campaigners have taken exception to these passages from the statement.

The statement said, "The Scottish SPCA fully supports Lucy's Law and would welcome it, but in actual fact legislation has been in place for over a decade to regulate the sale of pups and kittens in Scotland." Mark replied, 'Not working though is it? And with already 'stretched' resources another legislative way forward is needed. Furthermore, are they suggesting Scotland's councils have less resources than England's, because that would lie with the Scottish Government, and seems quite a perplexing argument that places Scotland in a worse light?' 

The statement said, 'Were Lucy's Law to come in to effect in Scotland, the onus would still be on councils to make sure it is enforced and everyone appreciates how stretched resources are in local government.' Mac said it, 'Would of course make it easier for local government.'

The statement said, 'The Scottish Government's #BuyAPuppySafely campaign has secured widespread public and cross-party political support and has been backed by our own #SayNoToPuppyDealers campaign.' Marc said, 'So they've just described the public enforcing it then - i.e. the necessary inspecting by the public!'
The Scottish Government have announced another puppy-trafficking awareness campaign.

In related news, the Scottish Government minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, Mairi Gougeon, said, 'Last year we funded an innovative and hard hitting public awareness campaign on social media, cinema screens and local radio to reach potential buyers that we know are difficult to reach by other media platforms and channels.

'We worked closely with all the main dog welfare charities in designing that campaign which aimed to direct anyone thinking about buying a puppy to a website hosted by the Scottish SPCA for more detailed advice.'

Read the full SSPCA statement here -

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