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S Korea closes meat factory

Issue: 30/11/2018

Following pressure from activists a canine slaughterhouse in South Korea has been closed down.
Work has already begun to dismantle the plant, which is largest slaughterhouse for dogs in the country. The plans are to turn the area into a park.
It is estimated that around 1 million dogs are eaten every year in South Korea. However, the practice is in decline, as there is an increase in people keeping dogs for pets. Eating dog meat is particularly taboo amongst the young.
A recent opinion poll in the country revealed that 70 percent of South Koreans said that they would not eat dog meat in the future. 
The number of restaurants serving dog meat in South Korea has dropped by more than half. There were around 1,500 restaurants serving the dish and that figure has now dropped to 700.
Moves have been made in the South Korean parliament to tighten up their animal welfare laws which have been seen as the first steps to banning the sale and consumption of dog meat in the country.
In the Taepyeong-dong complex held numerous dog slaughterhouses that could hold hundreds of dogs and it was a major supplier for the restaurant trade.
Animal rights campaigners alleged that dogs were mistreated at the slaughterhouse. They said that they would be electrocuted and butchered in sight of other caged dogs.
Humane Society International reported finding, 'a large number of empty wire pens that would once have held hundreds of dogs, as well as the electrocution equipment used to kill them, knives, and a de-hairing machine. A pile of dead dogs was also found abandoned on the floor.
HSI/Canada senior campaign manager Ewa Demianowicz said, "It was deeply disturbing to see the inside of this slaughterhouse and to know that millions of dogs have died terribly here. It was a bleak, brutal facility, and a stark reminder of the unimaginable suffering caused by this industry. Thankfully, today's events have brought us a giant step closer to ending the South Korean dog meat trade for good.'

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