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The show must go on

Issue: 12/02/2021

There continues to be positive and negative news in regards to the future of dog showing in 2021.
The West of England Ladies Kennel Society (WELKS) has cancelled its show which was due to take place from April 23 – 25, whilst across the Irish sea the IKC has said it will not be providing licences to shows for the rest of the year.
On a more positive note Southern Counties is still planning to hold its show, the 2020 Madrid World Dog Show has been moved to 2022 and Maastricht has promised to hold its show in September. 
In a statement Secretary of WELKS, Caroline Friend-Rees, said, ‘It is with great regret that I have to make the following announcement. The Ladies of West of England Ladies Kennel Society have decided that our 2021 championship show must be cancelled.
‘In March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we found ourselves in the unenviable position of being the first general championship show in the UK to cancel. Inevitably we found ourselves with a substantial financial loss.
‘Since then, looking forward to staging our 2021 show, we worked tirelessly to re-assign our 2020 judges and plan the 2021 show to ensure total Covid compliance whilst keeping everyone safe during these unprecedented times. The latter part of 2020 appeared to bring more hope. News from the Government suggested things might possibly be approaching normal by Easter 2021 and consequently we continued to push ahead with our show planning.
‘We now find ourselves in a different situation; it being unlikely the Covid situation will have returned to normal by Easter and, coupled with the likelihood of the Government passing Lockdown control and Tier systems to Local Authorities there is no guarantee that the showground or any necessary hotels would even be open. Travel between areas is still likely to be restricted.
‘The KC has been fully supportive regarding our search for a possible change of date and/or venue, but this has now proved impossible.
‘The ladies of WELKS have asked me to pass on their apologies for this decision, but safety of exhibitors, judges and all potential attendee’s is of paramount importance.
‘All judges, helpers, partnership breed shows and contractors will be contacted over the next few days to discuss future arrangements.
‘We can only look forward to our April 2022 show which we hope to make extra special.
‘Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2022.’

SKC & Southern Counties

The Scottish Kennel Club is still planning to hold its show between May 21 – 23. In a statement Stuart Payne, Convener of the SKC, said, ‘We are still planning ahead for the show. Obviously we are keeping an eye on the situation and will review again at the end of February.’
Southern Counties is also planning to go ahead with its show between June 4 – 6.
Angela Cavill, Secretary of Southern Counties, said, ‘The committee of Southern Counties currently intends to go ahead with their show on June 4th (Hounds and Toy), 5th (Pastoral Working and Terrier) and 6th (Gundog and Utility) subject to government and local authority regulation.
‘Schedules will be available towards the end of March when full details of the arrangements will be published in Our Dogs and posted on the Association’s website and Facebook page. 
‘All necessary precautions will be put in place and that we will be confining the show to breeds (including Rare and Import Register), Groups and BIS and will not be scheduling stakes and other ‘extra’ classes. 
‘Please note Southern Counties new voicemail, schedule line and emergency telephone number: 07306 492 388.’

With the IKC suspending the issuing of licences for the rest of the year the Munster Circuit Shows made the following statement.
They said, ‘As you are aware in 2020 Clonmel, Killarney, Limerick and Tralee had no choice but to cancel their shows due to the pandemic. All four Clubs never envisaged that in 2021 the pandemic would still be with us in fact it is more dangerous now and it is with regret that we had to make the decision to cancel this years ‘Munster Circuit’.
‘Due to even more stringent Government restrictions and the spread of many new more serious variants of the virus it is not possible to plan or prepare our Shows and Venues. There are no plans or government guidelines for outdoor events to take place until late summer at the very earliest. In addition to this, the role out of the vaccine will not be completed until September or later.
‘Our main priority is for the safety of you the Exhibitors and our Committees. It is only right that we make this announcement now so that you know the position. Many people plan their holidays, book ferries, houses and camp sites and it is for this reason we have decided to make this announcement at this early date.
‘There is light at the end of the tunnel, a vaccine is available and we will meet at shows once again.
‘We sincerely hope that the ‘Munster Circuit 2022’ can take place and until then we hope you all stay healthy and safe.’
The Irish Kennel Club had decided to suspend the issuing of licences for shows for the rest of the year.
In a statement the Board of Directors said, ‘We are taking the best professional advice available and all the indicators are that the recovery will be a long drawn-out affair with no guarantees, and, the potential for surges always a possibility.
‘Since March 2020 the IKC have suspended the issuing of Licences for Dog Shows and unfortunately this continues to be the case for the remainder of this year, as there is no professional advice or information that allows the Board to change its stance.
‘In fact, with the present restrictions on travel, numbers at events and uncertainty of possible changes from day to day, the situation is actually worse than in March 2020.
‘However, if the situation changes dramatically for the better the Board could revisit this, but it is unlikely to happen before September/October.
‘Whenever it is possible to attempt to organise a show it may be incumbent on the IKC to host the first shows to settle in any possible new format or procedures that may be necessary to protect our Members, protect society and to ensure we comply with insurance requirements as necessary.
‘Once that is achieved and the necessary adjustments made this would produce a template for Shows going forward.’

The 2020 Madrid dog show will now take place from June 23 – 26 2022.
Last week we reported that the 2020 European Dog Show in Slovenia has been cancelled and the 2021 European Dog Show in Hungary will now take place between December 29 – 31 2021.
A joint statement from the FCI and the organisers of the Madrid show said, ‘The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), IFEMA and the Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE), organisers of the FCI World Dog Show 2020, which had to be delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, are happy to announce that the planned new dates of the event will be from June 23rd to June 26th 2022.
‘The FCI and RSCE would like to express their gratitude, the solidarity and the co-operation from Brazil (CBKC) and France (SCC), which made it possible to hold the 2020 FCI dog show on these dates.
‘Upon initiative of the FCI General Committee, it was agreed that in addition to the titles that are usually awarded, the title of FCI DOG OF THE YEAR 2022 will also be granted to the dogs that earn the title of “FCI World Winner” or “FCI Junior Winner” or “FCI Veteran Winner” (in the Adult, Junior and Veteran classes) at both FCI World Dog Shows, in Madrid and Sao Paulo.’
Maastricht was last year’s big show, and was successfuly held in September, with many travelling to show there. The organisers have now confirmed the list of judges for the International Dogshows on the 25th and 26th of September 2021. In a statement they said: ‘As you know from last year we will do everything to organize a good and covid proof show! The beginning of March we will present the list of judges per breed and the entry fee! 32 judges from 13 countries! See our website.’


The ever popular Welsh Junior, Welsh Veteran and Welsh Handler of the Year has taken the decision to cancel the 2021 competition.
In a statement the organisers said, ‘The Officers and Committee of this popular and well established special event have the made the following decision to cancel the 2021 competition. 
‘As to its future, sadly the way things are going as regards to the current Covid-19 pandemic which is still leading to the cancellation of shows this year in 2021 the opportunity for exhibitors to qualify for this event are diminishing. 
‘The qualifying period for this event is from 1 January to 31 December. We hope that things will return to some form of normality for the 2022 season. 
‘With this in mind this event should be able to recommence on Saturday 25 February 2023. If this is the case all Societies in Wales will be contacted in the usual manner.’
The Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales were unable to make a statement about the show this week but hope to have news next week.
Three Counties have said that at present they still plan to continue with their show.

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