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Timeline - How events unfolded

Issue: 06/09/2019

August 26th Bank Holiday Monday Caroline Kisko does radio interviews for 
Puppy Awareness week 

Thursday 29th Caroline Kisko does live TV interview for BBC London 6.30pm 

Friday August 29th Caroline Kisko attends City of Birmingham show in the morning; also at the show was Mrs Mansfield. 

Kennel Club Board members receive personal email making them aware of the 
departure of Mrs Kisko and the appointment of Mrs Mansfield

3.30/4pm OUR DOGS receives a conference call from Rose Smart (CEO) and Steve Conway (Chief Marketing & Communications Officer) to advise the paper 
that a release will follow at 4.15pm and that Mrs Kisko “had been considering 
her departure for some time”

4.15 pm Statement is sent to OUR DOGS Editor

Approximately at the same time Kennel Club staff  receive a similar email from Rose Smart

Kennel Club Members receive similar email sent by Kennel Club Chairman Tony Allcock
Mrs Kisko cease to be a Kennel Club employee

Tuesday September 3rd Kennel Club Board meeting

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