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Town council bars hunt

Issue: 01/02/2019

A hunt has been barred from a town's feast day because the local council believe that hunting is 'outdated and inhumane'.

For over 200 years the Cornwall resort of St Ives has marked the town's annual feast day and the local hunt has been a part of the event. Now the council has decided that the hunt would not be welcome. A petition calling for the council to stop the hunt being part of it received over 5,000 signatures.

Traditionally the hunt, which dates back to 1820, has met in the Royal Square, enjoyed a drink from the Stirrup Cup offered by the mayor, before they set off with their hounds.

The full council agreed that the hunt's regular invitation should be withdrawn after a recommendation from the Community and Environment Committee described hunting as an 'anachronism'.

The committee said, 'the character of the parish had changed from one dominated by a rural economy to one where most people no longer wished to have the hunt in the town.'

Supporting the committee the council said, 'The Council ceases to invite the Western Hunt to the annual Feast Day from the 2019 Feast Day until such time as this decision is repealed.'

The council's minutes say, 'The Committee Chairman reported that the committee had concluded that hunting is outdated and inhumane, and had concerns about reports that trail hunting generally has led to harm to animals.

'It was stressed that the council had not been made aware of any such concerns in relation to the Western Hunt. She said that the ban would be consistent with the Council's Animal Charter and the decision to replace animal fur with faux fur on the civic robes.'

The League Against Cruel Sports tweeted, 'Outstanding news! Hunt banned by #StIves Town Council in Cornwall - describing hunting as "an anachronism"'
A spokesman for the Western Hunt told OUR DOGS, 'We are disappointed. It is nice to take part in the event but we will continue to do what we do.

'Our horses and hounds won't be disappointed. There is a lot of shouting and loud noises from our opponents when we turn up which upsets the hounds and the horses.
'We will have an alternative meet somewhere else that day.'

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