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Woman who ran puppy farm banned

Issue: 01/02/2019

A 73-year-old woman who ran a puppy farm in Shropshire has been banned from dealing with animals for 10 years.

Marcia Hollins-Jones pleaded guilty to four animal welfare offences of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs when she appeared before Telford Magistrate's on Monday, 21 January.
The court heard how a number of the dogs were left with untreated injuries - resulting in one of them being put to sleep.

The court was told how she ran her puppy selling business from the Old Crematorium, at Sleap, in Shropshire, where she lived in a static caravan and had a license from the local authority to breed dogs.

However, when our team visited the property as part of an investigation - they found 38 adult dogs and 35 puppies which were kept in poor conditions. The puppies were left in cold and damp conditions in concrete kennels with urine soaked carpet on the floor. There were no heat lamps, as required by law, to keep the puppies warm. The adults were prone to fighting as there were so many unneutered males which led to injuries which were then reported to our helpline.


Our inspectors visited the premises after concerns were raised by Hollins-Jones' own vet, who believed some of the animals with injuries (sustained during fights) had been left to suffer for days before seeking veterinary treatment. In one case the dog was suffering so much she had to be put to sleep.

The first dog presented to the vet in August 2017 was Dexter, a miniature dachshund. He had severe bite wounds on his body after fighting with another dog kept in the premises but he was treated and made a recovery.

Then in November, she took another dog called Pippa was taken in for treatment with a severe injury on her leg which left her bone exposed. Hollins-Jones had initially been treating Pippa with Calpol rather than taking her straight to the vets.

Sadly, the Jack Russell Terrier was found to be suffering so much the vet decided the kindest option was to put her to sleep.

Hollins-Jones also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a male chocolate miniature dachshund dog called Fat Pud's Pu just a few months later between February 14 and 28, 2018. He had a severe bite mark to his eye but fortunately has recovered from his injuries.

The fourth offence took place between May 13 and 15, 2018 after Dexter was presented to the vet again with similar injuries which had not been treated immediately.
In all four cases, the vet said the injuries were left untreated for at least two days causing them pain and suffering during this time.

The court was also told Hollins-Jones has been prosecuted in the past by us and in 2001 received a 10-year disqualification order for all animals. She was also investigated for being in breach of that ban.

Inspector Kate Parker, who investigated this case, said: 'We received numerous complaints about a puppy farm and these were passed to the local authority who had licensed her and had the legal right to enter the premises.

'But when the vet raised concerns about unnecessary suffering to these four dogs I was able to go to the premises and that is when I saw the poor conditions these dogs were kept in. 
'The puppies in what Hollins-Jones described to me as "the maternity wing" were particularly at risk in such a cold and damp environment with no heat lamps as required by law. There was a prolific failure by her towards animal welfare. She was breeding the dogs for money and that was her key motivation - she has also shown no remorse for her actions.

'In the sad case of Pippa - she was left for at least two days without veterinary treatment. Instead Hollins-Jones decided to give her Calpol. She would have clearly suffered from such an awful injury.'

Hollins-Jones was banned from keeping animals for three years which has been suspended for 28 days while she re-homes the animals she already owns.
She was also banned from dealing in dogs, buying or selling, for 10 years and she has been banned from applying for a breeding licence for 10 years.
She was also ordered to pay 1600 cost, fined 1400 and ordered to pay a 40 victim surcharge.

If anyone has concerns regarding dog breeding they should contact our appeal line on 0300 123 8018 or the Local Authority which has licensed the premises.

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