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Youths identified in cliff horror

Issue: 10/05/2019

Police have identified teenagers who threw a dog off a cliff and filmed themselves in the process.
Falmouth Police tweeted, 'We are aware of an #incident of #animalcruelty which has been reported in #Falmouth This matter is being #investigated but please appreciate that we need to do this effectively without intrusion or inappropriate comments.
'We are currently working with the local @RSPCA_official in this case and have identified those involved.'
It is believed that the incident happened last Wednesday and the person filming the horrific incident can be heard laughing as the other boy throws the dog off the cliff.
The footage was shared on social media and there were calls from all quarters for the perpetrators to be found.
Threats have been made against the boys and the Police said, 'We are aware of threats that have been made online would urge members of the public to leave this investigation with the police, and not to take the law into their own hands.'
Amazingly, the dog survived and was uninjured.
A spokesperson for the RSPCA said, 'We have been made aware of some upsetting footage showing a dog being thrown off a cliff in Falmouth on May 1.
'We are very concerned about this incident and would like to reassure people we are looking into it.
'We'd like to thank everyone who has reported this to us so far and would urge any eyewitnesses or anyone with further information to ring the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018 to help us with our ongoing investigation.'

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