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Author - Guido Perosino - Publisher - Private

"Guido Perosino's "The Leonberger" is essential reading for any serious Leonberger enthusiast .To fully appreciate this splendid breed, one must look beyond the mere mechanics of form and structure; to see past the basic points of the standard and to seek instead a fuller aesthetic appreciation of the whole. To see with the eyes of both artist and engineer.

This is precisely what Perosino's book achieves, for it is far more than a simple illustrated standard. Instead, this book provides an in depth examination of the breed; its history, quality, structural anatomy, role, versatility and character. It is a celebration of the breed and should become a well-thumbed part of any Leonberger owner's collection."

Sharon Springel

Leonberger Club of Great Britain, Health Sub-Committee Chair.

Price: 29.50



Author - Lusby - Publisher - Interpet

The book provides a concise, accurate history of the breed, a discussion of the standard as well as personal insight into the Leo's unique character, told through the author's delightful anecdotes.

155 pages give expert advice on puppy selection, obedience training and everyday care, including feeding, grooming, exercise, housebreaking and more.

*Please note: INTERPET titles are being reprinted under the new imprint of KENNEL CLUB BOOKS so the cover illustration here may differ from that on the book you receive. The content is the same.*

Price: 18.49



Author - White - Publisher - TFH

Originally bred to look like a lion so that it could appear on the crest of the small German town of Leonberg, the Leonberger is a majestic, gentle, loyal dog which excels at tasks requiring strength and agility.

This manual contains 208 pages of expert infromation including the history of the breed, purchasing your puppy, training, showing, working, nutrition, health issues and breeding.

This title is now out of print but good used copies are sometimes available - please order as normal and we will contact you regarding price and availablity.

Price: 29.45