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TIBETAN MASTIFF (Interpet / Kennel Club)

TIBETAN MASTIFF (Interpet / Kennel Club)

Author - Cunliffe - Publisher - Interpet / Kennel Club

This special rare breed edition devoted to the Tibetan Mastiff is a long-awaited tribute to this fascinating Tibetan breed, the only book of its kind about this veritable 'king' of dogs.

Hailing from the mystical land of Tibet, 'The Roof of the World', the Tibetan Mastiff may be the most ancient of the giant breeds. Since the very first accounts of these dogs reached Western ears, via the journals of Marco Polo and later by other explorers, Europe has marvelled at the size and majesty of these impressive creatures.

Today the breed offers dog lovers a powerful, protective and beautiful companion and guard dog, whose independence and intelligence can challenge even an experienced dog owner.

*Please note: INTERPET titles are being reprinted under the new imprint of KENNEL CLUB BOOKS so the cover illustration here may differ from that on the book you receive. The content is the same.*

Price: 18.49