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Expanded DVD format! Outlines the structural evaluation process developed by the author and her husband. It will help develop your "eye" for the puppy that belongs in a breeding program and the show ring. It can help in choosing a puppy for obedience, agility, harness work or field trials. It can also assist in recognizing which puppies are better suited to a "couch potato" lifestyle and should not be bred. Offers both a digital remastering of the original video feature, PLUS a bonus feature that includes 50 minutes of new information about eye color, lines of balance, puppy teeth, front and rear angles, herring gut and long loin, rear assembly weaknesses, and hocks, as well as an introduction to Structure in Action.

Price: 42.45



Running time- 5 hours, 21 minutes

Puppy Culture has taken America by storm. This 5 DVD disc set is being hailed as a true masterpiece, and is a hugely informative wealth of information, filling a long existing shortage of knowledge for the best practises of raising puppies.

Most dog enthusiasts are aware of at least some of the recommended "socialisation" activities discussed in many books. However, sometimes, why we do them, and just how they impact on later life, is not always clear.

In this DVD, Jane Killion, along with a number of other prominent experts, including Jean Donaldson and Carmen Battaglia, explore in detail the critical early periods of development that each puppy goes through as well as what you can do to increase your odds of raising a happy, socially successful, and trainable dog. Over 50 lessons are organized on a logical, week-by-week timeline to give breeders and puppy owners a clear roadmap for raising a puppy. The film follows one litter of puppies, bred by Jane Killion, through the programme and checks back on them over the next three years so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable, results of the Puppy Culture program!

Claimed as one of the important works to come out in recent years, this DVD is a must see for anyone who breeds dogs, or comes to own a young puppy, or who works with puppies on a professional basis.

Killion begins by telling us that the first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life shape his future. Only the lightest of touches make a permanent impression, meaning that as breeders we have the power to change the outcome of a dog’s future. She continues to explain why she decided to make this DVD, adding that the origins of many behaviour problems can be traced back to the first 12 weeks.

Killion starts with the pre-natal period, she discusses genes and how they work, as well as how the emotional and physical health of the mother affects the puppies. She adds that during this period the first concern is to ensure that the bitch is relaxed, well fed and comfortable, also explaining the benefits of caressing the mother’s side during pregnancy.

We then move on to the neo-natal period. Killion comments on dogs being an altricial species, meaning they are not fully formed when they are born. She explains the significance of this is that dogs develop fear later on, which is why they have a critical socialisation period. Killion then looks at how puppies communicate at this age, as well as the importance of the routing reflex and why puppies twitch in their sleep. She also considers how a certain amount of stress and struggle is appropriate during nursing, as well as how being exposed to very light stress at this stage can have beneficial results. Dr Carmen Battaglia, the author of Breeding Better Dogs, takes us through the recommended protocols and benefits of exposing puppies to light stress, providing specially-formulated exercises.

Price: 82.49



What’s the most fun you'll ever have socializing puppies? Having a puppy party, of course! We give all the details of how we manage the puppies, the guests, and the exercises. We also explain how we made our equipment and giving you some DIY tips for equipment of your own!

88 minutes. Originally broadcast live on September 27th 2015.

A puppy party is non-stop laughs and smiles, and, if carefully controlled, one of the very best socialization tools available to a breeder.

Pippi's puppies are 6 weeks old and in their curiosity period, which is an ideal time for a puppy party. The guests are experienced friends and students whom the puppies have never met before. We demonstrate and discuss how to work the puppies on mini agility equipment, and also give alternate plans for parties without equipment.

Price: 22.49



What could be more fun than to sit back and watch puppies use their almost miraculous gift of scent to solve problems? There’s no better or more meaningful enrichment for puppies than scent games!

84 minutes. Originally broadcast live on September 17th 2015.

In this episode, we are joined by Ellen Griffin, tracking instructor at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club. Ellen, with her infectious passion for “all things scent,” guides us through fun and easy scent games that will enrich and delight any dog or puppy.

Various games are demonstrated by puppies aged 5 weeks through 9 months old and all games are suitable for dogs of any age.

While all of the games in the video are suitable and fun for any dog or puppy, if you want to go on to a performance career, this video will give your puppy a great foundation for tracking or obedience. Ellen has trained three dogs to their AKC Tracking Dog title and one to an AKC Tracking Dog Excellent title and she is the first person in the history of the AKC to put a TDX on a Bull Terrier, so she’s full of creative ideas not just for enrichment, but for motivation, as well.

Price: 22.49



Using stunning footage of puppies from birth to 8 weeks in their Lakeland home, Sue Jones looks at breeding and early nurturing for good health and temperament. She gives tips on how to use fun and achievable socialisation techinques to create positive experiences in a puppy's early life.

What is it about? Using stunning footage of puppies from birth to 8 weeks in their Lakeland home, Sue Jones looks at breeding and early nurturing for good health and temperament. She gives tips on how to use fun and achievable socialisation techniques to create positive experiences in a puppy’s early life.

The DVD highlights why potential owners should avoid getting their new dogs from indiscriminate breeders and puppy farms.

The process of matching the personality and needs of new owners to individual puppies in a litter is demonstrated. Stressing that choice of breed is only the start, selecting personalities within a litter is equally important.

The techniques used in this double disc DVD can be used for pups of all breeds and many can be used in the rehabilitation of rescue dogs. It will be of interest to people thinking of breeding a litter or choosing a puppy to help them avoid heartache.

More about Sue- . Sue has rehabilitated and re-homed more than 500 rescue dogs.

When was it recorded? 2008

Running time- 80 minutes

was £22.45 now only:

Price: 11.25