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Dr Brian Sproule – a tribute

HIS FELLOW Trustees and everyone at Canine Concern Scotland Trust were extremely saddened to learn of the sudden death of Brian Sproule. Brian had been a Trustee since the Establishment of the Trust in 1988. We send our love and sympathies to his wife, Irene, and all the family.

Brian was such a valuable Trustee who provided very wise counsel. He was dedicated to the objectives of the Trust and especially the Therapet Scheme. As a General Practitioner he saw at first hand the great benefits that pets, and especially dogs, provide to so many people. As a Therapet visitor, with his beloved Pharaoh Hounds, Brian brought great pleasure to the residents in the homes he visited.

It was Brian who wrote the guidance notes that are issued to all new Therapet volunteers. He was also our Area Representative for the Borders.

We will greatly miss Brian and we greatly appreciate all that he did for the Trust over a very long period of time.

A memorial service was held at Coldstream Parish Church on Tuesday 25 January.

Marjorie Henley Price
Chair of Trustees, Canine Concern Scotland Trust