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Keep your dog cool this summer

This summer, pet charity The Blue Cross, is helping to reduce the number of animals who suffer unnecessarily from the effects of summer heat by producing a free summer care leaflet for pets.

Every year, The Blue Cross animal hospitals see animals with heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration, and fears that too many pet owners are still unaware of the devastating effects that heat can have on their pets. The free information will give pet owners a wealth of advice on everything from pet friendly sun block to how to keep your pet comfortable when travelling in the heat.

Caroline Reay, head vet at The Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton, said: "The heat of summer holds a variety of dangers for any pet, but by following advice in the new Blue Cross leaflet, pet owners can learn how to avert suffering and even tragedy for their animal."

The Blue Cross would like to remind pet owners that:

Pets with white coats can get sunburn just like humans. Pet owners should apply sun block to their animal’s ears and nose.

Good catteries and kennels can be booked up to a year in advance – plan ahead to make sure your pet is not forgotten when it comes to the summer holiday

All animals can get heatstroke – the best way to stop this is to avoid leaving animals in hot places. Have cold water available at all times, and wet towels can help cool off larger animals. Avoid excessive exercise during the hotter times of the day.

Travelling in a car will raise the temperature of any pet. Make sure there is a breeze and give small animals celery or apple for added moisture.

The free leaflet will be available from The Blue Cross website:, by calling 01993 825500 or by writing to The Blue Cross, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon, OX18 4PF.