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British Carriage Dog Society joins parade

Easter Monday's London Harness Horse Parade this year saw, for the first time, the British Carriage Dog Society being represented.

This 100-year-old parade was held at the South of England Centre in Ardingley, West Sussex. Steeped in tradition, the parade offers onlookers a glimpse into a world gone by and for those participating, a chance to show off their best turnouts as well as meet up with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

The Parade in its present form is actually an amalgam of two traditional parades - the London Cart Horse Parade, which was founded in 1885, and the London Van Horse Parade, which was founded in 1904.

Anne Dickens writes: ‘The dogs attracted much interest and delight and we were pleased to be able to promote the healthy, fit Dalmatian in a positive environment to the horse driving fraternity.
‘Behind my carriage with 18hh Percheron Nobel du Desir is: Munin (Washakie Iowa), seven years old, Bronze Carriage Dog and Silver Road Dog, and her progeny litter brother and sister: Freya (Freya Snow Flurry) three years old, Silver Carriage Dog and Fenris (Loki the Snow King) 3-years-old, Silver Carriage Dog.’

More may be found out about the Society at

Photos: Jim Guilfoyle

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