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Dog control orders introduced in Pimlico

Controls which aim to tackle nuisance dogs have come into force in Queen's Park and Pimlico.

Dog control orders have been introduced in the Queen's Park ward and on the Churchill Gardens Estate, in Pimlico, by Westminster Council. The main effect of the new orders is that owners will be required to keep their dogs on leads in these, although some small designated areas will carry an outright ban on dogs to protect children and prevent disorder problems. Most of the designated areas are children's play areas.

In addition, a borough-wide dog fouling order has been introduced, making it an offence for owners to fail to clear up after their dogs.

Anyone found committing an offence will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80 by police community support officers or animal wardens and appropriate signs have been put up informing people of the new rules.

Westminster Council introduced the orders in response to calls from residents to make the borough cleaner and safer.

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