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Native Dog Breeds Trust to close

THE NATIVE Dog Breeds Trust will close its doors shortly, news which has caused sadness throughout its members and Trustees.

However, it seems that part of the problem has been a lack of support from clubs and the KC, who perhaps feel that certain breeds are not as vulnerable as was first though.

Sue breeze, a Trustee and one of the driving forces behind NDBT told us: ‘It is now inevitable that the Native Dog Breeds Trust is to fold. The Trustees are saddened by the fact that this is to happen, but accept that there is really no alternative.

‘Each Trustee has been committed to the aims of the Trust and has worked long hours trying to promote and preserve our vulnerable native breeds. As individuals (all of us unpaid volunteers) we only have so many hours a week along with so many weekends that we can devote to the Trust. Some of us worked exceedingly long hours often working late into the night planning events, printing and organising. We did this because we care about the future of our vulnerable breeds - we were not looking for praise or pats on the back we worked because we care.
‘However we did expect support from the Kennel Club, breed clubs as well as dog people in general, we especially needed volunteers to help out at events – sadly this support was not forthcoming.

‘At the beginning of June we wrote to the KC with some new ideas for the promotion of the vulnerable breeds at Discover Dogs, Earls Court, and also at Crufts. Initially a reply was received to say that the Chairman was not in the office, copies of the letter had gone to Mr Irving and to Rosemary Smart, we have received no futher correspondence.


‘Having stated all of this we must say that we did have a few caring people that helped us at events and to those people we would like to say a very big thank you for all of their hard work, it didn’t go unnoticed and is much appreciated. It is just simply that a few of us cannot make a difference on our own.’

The Trust had planned to have a series of ‘Meet and Greet the vulnerable breeds’ days all around the country. The first of these was to be held at Mypetstop in Manchester.

Sue continues: ‘So despite our best efforts we now have to admit defeat. Although the Trust is financially viable the Trustees are just a group of individuals that tried to make a difference, we devoted our time and a great deal of our own money but it was an impossible task without the support of others.’

All of the money presently held by the Trust will be donated to canine charities.

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