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Animal rescue continues fight to change UK dog laws

Wendy Turner-Webster

Television presenter and Animal Rights campaigner Wendy Turner-Webster visited the Chancepixies Animal Rescue in West Hougham last weekto learn more about their fight to change Britain’s dog laws. The rescue is campaigning to unite breeders and rescue centres in bid to overhaul current legislation and put an end to Britain’s staggering stray dog problem.

Chancepixies originally contacted Turner-Webster after she was quoted in a national dog paper saying she was ‘always saddened that rescue centres have to exist’. The Kent-based rescue believes that if strict legislation was put in place and enforced, the stray dog problem would be eradicated within 10 years. ‘I wouldn’t put my name to a charity if I wasn’t willing to get involved,’ said Turner-Webster, ‘I am really astonished that there is no legislation in the UK to control dog breeding.’

No controls

With 70% of European countries enforcing compulsory dog licensing, Britain falls within the small minority of countries who have absolutely no controls in place. The charity has drafted a ‘Fit for Breeding’ legislation proposal which would see all breeders regulated and enforce a long-term level of care and responsibility.

‘There is legislation already in place to control farm animals and fishing and to prevent you dumping your fridge or your car, why aren’t we also protecting dogs?’ said the charity’s Heidi Anderson, ‘we’re absolutely delighted that Wendy has come on board to help us make a change and end the unnecessary suffering of thousands of dogs who are abandoned every year’.

Long term

Chancepixies already operates according to these principles and offers long-term support for people who rescue a dog from their centre. They provide bespoke training and behaviour programmes for all of the dogs in their care and offer ongoing guidance and support to new owners whenever required. ‘We’re champions of responsible dog ownership and breeding’ said Heidi, ‘we’re making a positive change to educate, rescue and act, it starts right here’.

Sign the ‘Fit for Breeding Legislation’ petition To find out more about Chancepixies or make a donation please visit the website or contact David and Heidi Anderson on: or 01304 201382


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