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1000 up for Accredited Breeders’ Scheme

The Kennel Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme celebrated another milestone this week when Barbara Opitz of Crickhowell, Powys, who breeds Wire-Haired Dachshunds under the Cloghaneely Kennel Name, became the 1,000th member to join the scheme.

Launched at Crufts last year, the scheme, designed to promote responsible breeding, had a target of having 1,000 members by the end of 2005, but that goal has been reached two months early. The scheme now has members representing 172 of the 203 breeds recognised by the Kennel Club.

Mrs Opitz was keen to join the Accredited Breeders Scheme. "I began breeding in 1975 in Germany and am very keen on proper, honest breeding including well-kept and worked dogs in my kennel," she said.

Accredited Breeders agree to follow a set of guidelines, laid down by the Kennel Club, including having their breeding stock identified (currently by DNA profile, microchip or tattoo) as well as health-tested under the relevant Kennel Club health schemes. They also agree to supply new puppy buyers with information on feeding and worming and other advice.

"We are absolutely delighted that so many breeders have wanted to support this initiative", said Dr Jeff Sampson, the Kennel Club’s Genetics Co-ordinator. "The Kennel Club is most grateful to breeders such as Mrs Opitz who have given their support to the Accredited Breeder Scheme in this early stage of its development."