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Leading Patiala Kennel Club member murdered

Mr Vijay Singh, a Presiding Officer of the Labour Court in Chandigarh and a major force behind the Patiala Kennel Club has been murdered in cold blood by a gang of unidentified criminals.

Mr Singh was walking alone in a Polo Ground situated in a high security area near the residence of Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. A keen dog lover, he always found the time to attend dog shows both in and out of the country and would normally use this evening walk to exercise his many dogs. On this occasion though he walked alone and used the time to call a close friend in Germany. After hearing his cries, Tina, the girl with whom he was talking, called a common friend in Delhi to report what she suspected had happened. Unfortunately, by the time the local authorities reached the Polo ground, Mr Singh had already died from the multiple injuries inflicted upon him.

Reportedly, fear has gripped the residents of Patiala after news of the young judicial officer’s murder rapidly spread. Residents have expressed anger over the deteriorating law and order situation in their town and an intensive search by a Special Investigation Team has been launched to bring the criminals to justice.