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DNA scanner appeal off to flying start

Anti-dog theft campaign charity Dog Theft Action is celebrating its new charitable status by launching a new fundraising campaign.

DTA’s mission statement promises to encourage dog owners to do all in their power to reduce the incidence of dog theft. Now the action group that is committed to permanent identification is raising money to buy microchip scanners which will be presented to rescue and welfare charities that care for dogs found straying.

Over the past year DTA has received a positive response from charities that are keen to warn dog owners of the dangers of dog theft. Discussions with some welfare and rescue charities have shown that there is a willingness and enthusiasm to microchip dogs before they are rehomed.

However, it has also stressed the need to scan ALL dogs for microchips prior to rehoming. It is vital that stray and donated dogs are scanned for microchips as they may actually be stolen dogs from a different part of the country whose owners are desperately searching for them. To make this process easier DTA intends to fundraise at dog shows like Discover Dogs and Crufts in order to purchase scanners that can, in turn be offered to deserving organisations, free of charge.

To kick-start this campaign Celia Walsom of PetLog has arranged for the first presentation to take place at the Kennel Club in Clarges St. This scanner has been donated by Sarah Fry of Pet-ID and will be presented to Labrador Rescue South East and Central (LRSEC) on 29th September.

Sarah Fry, who will make the presentation said: "Pet-ID welcomes the opportunity to support the work of Dog Theft Action and hope that by donating this scanner we will encourage the use of microchip scanners nationwide."

This campaign is doubly important to DTA Vice Chairman Allen Parton, who is also a patron of LRSEC. Allen said: "I have to admit seeing the two organisations which are so dear to my heart, working together in this manner is so immensely heart warming and shows what true co-operation and co-ordination can achieve"

Further scanners will be presented shortly.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the DNA Scanner Appeal please contact Dog Theft Action or donate on line at