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Dogs rescued from Ukraine

Issue: 14/06/2024

Volunteer groups have helped evacuate hundreds of dogs from the Kharkiv region of Ukraine following the launch of a Russian offensive.
The ongoing fighting in the region has made the areas around cities such as Vovchansk and villages such as Lypetske and Lukiantsi extremely dangerous for civilians and animals.
Over 12,000 people have been evacuated, and volunteers working for animal rescue organisations have been risking their lives to make sure that animals aren’t left behind.
Pets that weren’t able to leave with their owners, and animals in shelters that were at risk from the fighting, have been taken to safer shelters in the Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, and Khmelnytskyi regions.
To help the shelters care for this influx of new arrivals, the U-Hearts Foundation has provided them with essential supplies. The not-for-profit organisation has delivered 3,810 kg of dog food, 496 kg of cat food, 50 blankets, and 342 doses of parasite treatment.
U-Hearts is a non-profit public organization that works towards improvement of living conditions of abandoned pets in Eastern Europe. Due to the war, thousands of pets in Ukraine have been left without homes and proper care.
Almost 1660 tonnes of food have been successfully provided to pets in Ukraine since the start of the initiative, ‘Save Pets of Ukraine’. The network of aid recipients can reach over 262,000 pets.
The foundation started its operation from purchasing pet food, and now it is working on promoting medical care in shelters. The first step has been taken — an anti-rabies vaccine for 1,000 pets has been purchased.
Yuri? Tokarski, CEO of U-Hearts, said: “We are sincerely grateful to all the organisations and volunteers who risk their lives to care for, rescue, and evacuate animals from dangerous places. These people are truly amazing!
“And, of course, thanks to those who support our organisation with donations so we can continue to provide aid to evacuated animals, supplying them with food, medicine, and other necessary items. Through this support we can maintain the chain of assistance to animals affected by the war.”
Donations can be made on the U-Hearts website -