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Points calculated from results received up to 20 April from qualifying shows

It is the Breeder’s/Exhibitor’s responsibility to check that the correct results
have been posted on the appropriate websites.

Please note that any queries regarding these results should be addressed to David Franks.
E-mail: d.franks3@

Competition compiled by -
David Franks


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Breed Name Points
Bracco Italiano Oh La La Du Clos Des Petite Vignes 8
Bracco Italiano Sh Ch Lexus Z Pogonskie Go Wzgorza By Gunsyn 8
Brittany Tailliside Winter Berry 5
English Setter Bournehouse Stormy Sky 8
English Setter Sh Ch Phenset Blue Max 8
German Shorthaired Pointer Sh Ch Taftazini Cesar Chance With Serenymor JW 9
German Wirehaired Pointer No Clear Leader
Gordon Setter Clohass Tam O' Shanter 5
Gordon Setter Sh Ch Lochfain An Aus Approach To Glenmaurangi 5
Hungarian Vizsla No Clear Leader
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Sh Ch Aldozovolgyi Drotos Nador At Enryb JW SHCM 9
Irish Red and White Setter Carrick Shadow Dog With Alanea 13
Irish Setter No Clear Leader
Italian Spinone Afterglow That's Shallot 8
Lagotto Romagnolo Rozebottel's Captain of My Soul 4
Large Munsterlander No Clear Leader
Pointer Sh Ch Chesterhope Thrill Of T Chase 12
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) Sh Ch Arnac Weatherdeck Buoy 10
Retriever (Curly Coated) Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW SHCM 5
Retriever (Flat Coated) No Clear Leader
Retriever (Golden) Sh Ch Linirgor Tomich JW 8
Retriever (Labrador) Sh Ch Cremino Chilly Pepper SHCM 7
Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Multi Ch Littleriver's O'Canada To Eusanit 9
Spaniel (American Cocker) No Clear Leader
Spaniel (Clumber) Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill JW SHCM 5
Spaniel (Cocker) Claramand The Flasher 7
Spaniel (English Springer) Trimere Total Chaos 5
Spaniel (Field) Prince Arthur Vom Belauer See At Nadavin JW 5
Spaniel (Irish Water) Sh Ch Eldarrah Clash Of Kings For Antdela 8
Spaniel (Sussex) No Clear Leader
Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Sh Ch Svk Ch Don's Statement To Nyliram JW 9
Spanish Water Dog No Clear Leader
Weimaraner Sh Ch Hundwith Mclaren 6


Breed Name Points
Afghan Hound Ch Shimalma Mercurial Magic 10
Basenji Ch Rebel Rebel Of Bushwacker 8
Basset Fauve De Bretagne Prince De La Fontaine Du Baconnet 8
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Multi Ch Frosty Snowman 9
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Ch Soletrader Pat On The Back 9
Basset Hound Multi Ch Switherland Smart Alec 8
Beagle Ch Serenaker Armani 10
Bloodhound Quinton Truffle Medievale No Clear Leader
Borzoi Ch Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma 8
Dachshund (Long Haired) Ch Swansford Gabrieldor 8
Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired) Halunke Dutch Courage 8
Dachshund (Smooth Haired) Ch Cwmdarhian Rocket Man 9
Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has it 9
Dachshund (Wire Haired) Sunsong Fire Opal 5
Dachshund (Wire Haired) Ch Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond 5
Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired) Ch Drakesleat Kumquat May 8
Deerhound Ch Kilbourne Lloyd 9
Finnish Spitz Saisaaren Salmiakki Via Volokki 9
Greyhound No Clear Leader
Ibizan Hound Altante Blanco De Entrasaltos 8
Irish Wolfhound Eragon Della Bassa Pavese 8
Norwegian Elkhound No Clear Leader
Otterhound No Clear Leader
Pharaoh Hound No Clear Leader
Rhodesian Ridgeback No Clear Leader
Saluki No Clear Leader
Whippet Ch Collooney Eye Love To Tease At Stonefox 8


Breed Name Points
Australian Cattle Dog Rus Ch Dingo Star Important Person 8
Australian Shepherd Sparkaway Supernatural 8
Bearded Collie Ch Farmarens Drums Of Spring At Talraz 8
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) No Clear Leader
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Ch Domberg Say I Can 8
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) No Clear Leader
Border Collie Sashdan High Hopes For Dykbar 5
Briard No Clear Leader
Collie (Rough) Chelborn That'll Do 6
Collie (Smooth) Ch Foxearth Formula One 12
Finnish Lapphund Oberitz Upponalle 6
German Shepherd Dog Nero Von Ghattas 5
German Shepherd Dog Veneze Toro 5
Hungarian Puli No Clear Leader
Lancashire Heeler Welshmoor Bobbysox 8
Norwegian Buhund Multi Ch Trollheimen Jr Made For Cascilius 5
Old English Sheepdog Beauvllon Pavarotti With Mellowdee 8
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Ch Mybeards Hero 9
Pyrenean Mountain Dog No Clear Leader
Samoyed Ch Taronakits Kenko With Norjack 8
Shetland Sheepdog Ch Aust Ch Hartly How About Me For Molson 11
Swedish Vallhund No Clear Leader
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) No Clear Leader
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Am Ch Coventry Esquire 5


Breed Name Points
Airedale Terrier Ch Toulsyork Rolo Coaster 9
Australian Terrier Multi Ch Jaskarin Peperoncino 5
Bedlington Terrier L'End Sow Melody Maker 5
Border Terrier Etterbern Sloane Ranger 5
Bull Terrier Ch Fortifeyed With Beauty at Aricon 12
Bull Terrier (miniature) Ride Your Pride Bull Position 6
Cairn Terrier Ch Tom Tricks Jocan Ty Cadno 6
Cesky Terrier Ch Janski Bugurovski 5
Dandie Dinmont Terrier No Clear Leader
Fox Terrier (smooth) Rottriver's Eye Of The Tiger To Kanix 10
Fox Terrier (wire) Ch Ir Ch Blackdale Park Royal 6
Glen Of Imaal Terrier Am Ch Abberann The Lion King 5
Glen Of Imaal Terrier Am Ch Daulton's Wild Night Of Galore 5
Irish Terrier Ch Am Ch Kells Touch Of Fleet St 5
Irish Terrier Ch Lakeridge Cahal 5
Jack Russell Terrier No Clear Leader
Kerry Blue Terrier No Clear Leader
Lakeland Terrier Saredon Sovereign 10
Manchester Terrier Ch Westbank Blue Diamond For Talanors 17
Norfolk Terrier Ch Kinsridge Cash Back 6
Norwich Terrier Contilly Ask No Questions between Winflash 6
Parson Russell Terrier Ch Heythrop Task Master For Alncroft 9
Scottish Terrier Ch Trackside Royal Indian 5
Sealyham Terrier No Clear Leader
Skye Terrier Ch Brakemill Barnum SHCM 6
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier G Ch Ch Greentree Moonstruck Mombo Man Rom 5
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ch Elitebulls Challenger JW 16
Welsh Terrier Ch Perrisblu The Equalizer 5
West Highland White Terrier No Clear Leader


Breed Name Points
Affenpinscher No Clear Leader
Bichon Frise No Clear Leader
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Am Ch Orchardhill Elementary 6
Chihuahua Long Coat X-Ismirelle's Boy Dogmania JW 5
Chihuahua Smooth Coat No Clear Leader
Chinese Crested Ch Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo JW 8
English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Sharex Dragon Prince 8
Griffon Bruxellois Zilcan Ring Of Fire At ovalian 7
Havanese No Clear Leader
Italian Greyhound Ch Am Ch Artmeis Voici Vincente Of Regallust 8
Japanese Chin No Clear Leader
King Charles Spaniel Descartes Ot Nevskogo Hobbita 14
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Wanted The Scandalizer Goldbourne SHCM 5
Maltese Delcost Stinger 6
Miniature Pinscher Ch Hawksflight He Who Dares 6
Papillon No Clear Leader
Pekingese Ch Lizlanmor Mr Mercury JW 8
Pomeranian Ch Reta Hugo's There Lireva 8
Pug Ch Taftazini Nepalensis JW 5
Yorkshire Terrier Ch Fridsall Midnight Poison 5


Breed Name Points
Akita No Clear Leader
Boston Terrier Beaconfell Big Brother No Clear Leader
Bulldog Ch The Crown Of The Bulldog Carte D'Or 12
Chow Chow Charids Captail Scarlet No Clear Leader
Dalmatian Riddle Dvojica Vendetta 5
French Bulldog Ch Chelmbull Moon Pilot No Clear Leader
German Spitz (Klein) Ch Jansanleis He Rocks My Boat To Claran 10
German Spitz (Mittel) No Clear Leader
Japanese Shiba Inu Akai Hana Ketsero Vormund 5
Japanese Spitz No Clear Leader
Keeshond Ch Samkees With Love To Neradmik 8
Kooikerhondje Genetika Rumpelstiltskin 5
Lhasa Apso No Clear Leader
Miniature Schnauzer Ch Stornovar Sargeant Pepper 5
Poodle (Miniature) Navarre's Expertise JW 5
Poodle (Standard) Ch Huffish Rewrite The Stars With Atastar 8
Poodle (Toy) Ch Afterglow Agent Orange 8
Schipperke No Clear Leader
Schnauzer Invidia Dios Riquardo At Miccosukees 5
Shar Pei Chernyl-Chizh Chingizhan 5
Shar Pei Jimmy Choo With Loopang 5
Shih Tzu No Clear Leader
Tibetan Spaniel Fin Ch Saffron Prosper No Clear Leader
Tibetan Terrier Ch Barnstorm Waterley United By Dzine No Clear Leader


Breed Name Points
Alaskan Malamute Ch Chayo Cause Celebre 8
Bernese Mountain Dog Milbu Bold As Bear 9
Bouvier des Flandres No Clear Leader
Boxer Willow Starchanger 6
Bullmastiff Int Ch Leatherneck N'Rrodels Road Warrior 5
Dobermann No Clear Leader
Dogue De Bordeaux No Clear Leader
Giant Schnauzer No Clear Leader
Great Dane Zefather's Heartbreaker 5
Leonberger Wanderwegs P S I Love You 5
Mastiff No Clear Leader
Newfoundland No Clear Leader
Portugese Water Dog No Clear Leader
Rottweiler Rus Ch Ugo Vom Haus Helen Fantasa 12
St Bernard No Clear Leader
Siberian Husky No Clear Leader
Tibetan Mastiff No Clear Leader


Group Breed Name Points
GUNDOG German Longhaired Pointer No Clear Leader
HOUND Bavarian Mountain Hound Trop Posokowce Z Niebieskich Zrodel 5
HOUND Cirneco Dell' Etna Kinabula's Milano With Triquetra 5
HOUND Cirneco Dell' Etna Kinabula'a Tonioli 5
HOUND Foxhound North Staffordshire Chairman 5
HOUND Hamiltonstovare Avi Hamilton Star With Sufayre 13
HOUND Harrier No Clear Leader
HOUND Portuguese Podengo No Clear Leader
HOUND Sloughi Gamal Sabiih Al Sahra 5
HOUND Sloughi Kalif Chazir Sheik El Arab 5
PASTORAL Anatolian Shepherd Dog Sunlions Vasi Kobe 8
PASTORAL Beauceron Jethro Des Feux De L'ange 5
PASTORAL Belgian Shepherd Dog Laekenois No Clear Leader
PASTORAL Catalan Sheepdog Du Domaine Des Dhalburgs At Starwell 6
PASTORAL Estrela Mountain Dog No Clear Leader
PASTORAL Hungarian Pumi Aprodombi Lelkes Levente Breezelyn 6
PASTORAL Komondor No Clear Leader
PASTORAL Maremma Sheepdog Ceppo Di Arajani 5
PASTORAL Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired) Entre Nous Cumin Des Pres 9
PASTORAL Turkish Kangal Dog Not recorded 4
TOY Australian Silky Pet Pursuit Catch The Rainbow 7
TOY Bolognese Predatino Bengi Of Moorhey 5
TOY Coton De Tulear Mi-Toi's Quiet Riot 5
UTILITY Canaan Dog Velikayas Bakhur For Anacan 8
UTILITY Eurasier No Clear Leader
UTILITY Japanese Akita Inu Hasaki Team Nobu Meiho 8
WORKING Canadian Eskimo Dog Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq G-Amorak Avec Akna 6
WORKING German Pinscher Yarracitta Here Comes The Sun To Falcor 5
WORKING German Pinscher Falkor's Artax 5
WORKING Great Swis Mountain Dog Ch Painted Mtn's Torsteins Jewel 5
WORKING Greenland Dog Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin 5
WORKING Hovawart Pines Saxaphone At Hightimbers 9
WORKING Neopolitan Mastiff No Clear Leader
WORKING Russian Black Terrier No Clear Leader


Group Breed Name Points
GUNDOG Barbet Lennox Vom Seidenberg 4
GUNDOG Braque D'Auvergne No Clear Leader
GUNDOG Korthals Griffon Bambou De L'etoile D'heudicourt 4
GUNDOG Portuguese Pointer Fab Point Idalgo Fidalgo 4
GUNDOG Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer No Clear Leader
HOUND Azawakh Ir Ch Imidiwan Amestan 4
HOUND Basset Bleu De Gascogne Orient D'Ambre De Chassagne 4
HOUND Black And Tan Coonhound No Clear Leader
HOUND Griffon Fauve De Bretagne No Clear Leader
PASTORAL Bergamasco Fato Del Boscoantico 4
PASTORAL Bergamasco Calshair Rannock 4
PASTORAL Picardy Sheepdog No Clear Leader
PASTORAL White Swiss Shepherd Dog No Clear Leader
TOY Russian Toy Virsal Neapol At Russiandream 5
TOY Russian Toy Russiandream Bennieorion 5
UTILITY Korean Jindo No Clear Leader
UTILITY Mexican Hairless (Int) No Clear Leader
UTILITY Mexican Hairless (Mini) No Clear Leader
UTILITY Mexican Hairless (Std) No Clear Leader
WORKING Entlebucher Mountain Dog No Clear Leader