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GBGB reveal increase in deaths

Issue: 05/07/2024

The latest injury and retirement data from the Greyhound Board of Great Britian (GBGB) has shown an increase in fatalities for racing greyhounds in 2023.
Overall, there were 427 deaths, which is an increase on the 306 deaths in 2022. There were 109 track fatalities, which was up from 99 in the previous year. 
The figures show that 101 were put to sleep on the advice of a vet and 92 suddenly died. A further 55 greyhounds were found no home or designated unsuitable for homing so were put to sleep as the industry didn’t have a use for them anymore. There were 4,238 injuries recorded, which is a slight drop from the 4,354 that were recorded in 2022. 
Campaigners for the Cut the Chase coalition which includes Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and the RSPCA – have renewed calls for a phased ban of greyhound racing.
Both the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments are considering a phased ban of greyhound racing.
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